Kotaku: Ninja Gaiden 2 Stretches definition of "Only on"

Kotaku Writes:

Ninja Gaiden 2 on Xbox 360 is labelled as "Only on Xbox 360". While Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on Playstation 3 is labelled as "Only on PLaystation". Silly? You decide.

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Noctis4003d ago

alright then...
playstation sucks!

pippoppow4003d ago

Actually this "only on" bull, when it's related to a 3rd party game is usually a ruse. How many times will people keep falling for the same lie.First, if a game is on the PC it isn't only on said platform. Then there are the denied timed exclusives many feel will show up on other platforms sooner or later. This is the reason relying on 3rd party games (360) really is not the way to go. Gears 2 and Fable 2 look like good games but the likelihood of those games coming out on the PC is pretty good. Sure it may be a year or so later but for those that can wait it's no biggie.
As for the lack of blood in sigma, if blood was the best part of the game for you then the game must not have been much. I Remember street fighter 2 on the SNES and Genesis blood debate. Snes had slightly better visuals and the Genesis had blood which didn't affect the enjoyment either way due to it being a solid game. Besides to use of blood in the game was overdone and at least to me was a turn off from what I've seen so less blood with better visuals is welcome.

theEnemy4003d ago

PlayStation 3 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Xbox360 - Ninja Gaiden II

Jaces4003d ago

They're two different games in a sense.

BLuKhaos4003d ago

...yah, one is a glitchfest and the other is NGS2.

Montrealien4003d ago

You have played NGS2 and are aware of the lack of glitches? you must be a very important person in gaming to have gotten your hands on it early! that is so cool!

phosphor1124003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Splinter Cell: Conviction



Marceles4003d ago

That was Mortal Kombat with the SNES and Genesis blood debacle ;).

Genesis didn't even have Street Fighter 2 since the six button controller didn't come out until Champion Genesis got totally owned on that exchange.

Sarcasm4003d ago

Kotaku is labeled as "A Piece of Crap Website". While a real piece of crap is labeled as "Crap". Silly? You decide.

FamilyGuy4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Ps3 owners will be getting this beaut in no time and hopefully it's sales inspire tecmo to bring DOA back to the PS brand. Yes I'm a fan of fighting games and DOAs counter system and team attacks were awesome in the PS2 version.

IdleLeeSiuLung4003d ago

I remember when MS had similar labeling for NG2. Nuff said.

BLuKhaos4003d ago

Where did I say it didn't?

Raf1k14003d ago

thats true

he didn't actually say NGS2 has fewer or no glitches

people should stop making assumptions and stick to facts

AbyssGravelord4003d ago

You bastard I'm supposed to be the only one with a Noctis Avatar!

jack_burt0n4003d ago

For an independent unbiased site Kotaku sounds pretty butt hurt LOL

poopface14003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I had NG 2 on 360. It was a great game with a few technical problems. Sounds like they are making good improvements. Except maybe the removal of the tons of blood. Either way this is a great game and youll see how bad azz it it once you get all the weapons and upgrade them.

In the game you can also bash off limbs and that wou send chunks oonto the wall. I hope they keep the chunks.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34003d ago

It sounds like they are trying to do more to justify this one. The fact that they are including a Co-op mode is pretty groundbreaking news for the NG series.

Not to mention, how is it that tecmo can do beautiful HD for the PS3, but all other MP games struggle at this? NG1Sigma was better looking than NG2 on 360, just sayin', it was pretty damn clean.

Montrealien4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Jaces says..

"They're two different games in a sense."

BLuKhaos says..

...yah, one is a glitchfest and the other is NGS2."

Tell me BluKhaos, is one a glitchfest as opposed to one being a shooter? a hockey game? a Driving game? or as to one that is not a glitchfest? Don't take me for an idiot, you where not implying that one is different then the other because one is a glitchfest, and the other one is green.

Bottom line is you claim that one is a glitchfest and the other is NGS2. And I bet you havent even played NG2.

IdleLeeSiuLung4002d ago

What glitches are people talking about in NG2?

From what I saw, it was one of the best games I have played this generation thus far. In fact, I put more hours into this game than probably my entire 360 collection which amounts to about 30-40 games.

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ExgamerLegends24003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

They're two different games.... one's better than the other one though, just sayin.

Edit: @ below

In my book a game that doesn't have online co-op, and a game that does are two different games. It would be different to me if the improvements were minor like the camera or such, but online co-op?

Edit2: @ below

Sure it is. If Cod didn't have co-op it would be different.

PotNoodle4003d ago

They're not really two different games though... Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is just Ninja Gaiden 2 with improvements, such as online co-op, more characters, better camera and less gore.

PotNoodle4003d ago

online co-op is just an added mode though... not a game changer.

-MD-4003d ago

How is less gore an improvement? That was like 90% of the game for me.

DelbertGrady4003d ago

It's kinda like with Ghostbusters on the 360 and Ghostbusters on the PS3. Two different games imo.

Lifendz4003d ago

You act like Ghostbusters is Modern Warfare 2 or some other major IP and you have the much better version. Ghostbusters is an okay game and the visual difference between the two is wasn't even enough to warrant a lower score in visuals (on IGN at least).

To actually change your avatar over it is just pure fanboyism. Whatever. Enjoy your ember effects. I'll let you know how Uncharted 2 is.

PotNoodle4003d ago

Didn't mean to call them improvements, was just going through in my head about what they said they have changed.

Jinxstar4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Added bosses and 2 playable characters, Online co-op, upgraded visuals and a fixed camera. Those are what I can recall off the top of my head.

At least thats what last months GI mag said...

Rainstorm814003d ago

if the gore was 90% of the game for you, GOW3 is your ultimate game be sure to get a PS3 so you can play it. As it will own NG2 & NGS2. Buying NGS2 BTW

@Soda pop
they are the same game, NG2 and Sigma2 have far more differences than GB on 360 and PS3. We all know ninja gaiden is far bettet than that mediocre third party game you are trying to praise NG2 & sigma 2

Pootangpie4003d ago

besides the first sigma was a complete joke it barely looked much better then black for the orignal Xbox and from the looks of it there's a barely any improvement when it comes to visuals and coop is just a cheap addition to dumb down the game for people who suck at NG2 on the 360 anyways the first sigma was actually the worst when it comes to ports it was also a lot easier and rachels game sucked ass

rob60214003d ago

funny how the 360 fans try to downplay the co-op mode, you know good and well that's a kick ass feature that fits the game perfectly.

DelbertGrady4003d ago

I remember when PS3 fanboys swarmed NG 2 reviews saying it was Ninja Gaiden 1.5 and that it was a flop. Now you are boasting about NG Sigma 2 having co-op etc. Hilarious stuff =)

Carl14124003d ago

^ actually i loved NGS so much that i was saving for a 360 purely to play NG2.

I nearly had enough when it was announced for PS3. Good timing i say.

Jinxstar4003d ago

@ 2.9 porbably because Sigma stomped black... imo at least. More playable charachters, modes, bosses and other stuff with a camera that wont get hung up on every awning you walk by.

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MajestieBeast4003d ago

ps3 gets the full game while 360 got the appetizer same can be said for tov.

-MD-4003d ago

Hope you live in Japan or else you'll never get your hands on ToV

soul899er4003d ago

PS3 is Region free, u sound so butt hurt >_>

beans4003d ago

So by your logic 360 was the only console that got the full version of fallout3, gta, tomb raider, and many others due to exclusive dlc.

BLuKhaos4003d ago

Xbox 360 owners are just beta testers for PS3 games.

Jinxstar4002d ago

GTA will come eventually as well. You can keep tomb raider. I'll keep Batman AA

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BigShotSmoov0074003d ago

It's funny how people can say 1 game is better than the other when one isn't even out yet in the stores so how can you possible say it's "better". I think they be exactly the same except one will have some extra content, thats all. No big difference there.

ExgamerLegends24003d ago

The difference aren't minor.

As if 3 extra playable characters aren't enough they go and add online co-op.

-MD-4003d ago

While cutting the staple of the series (actual gore/blood/violence)

zoneofenders4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I am a NG vertern and played NG and NGB in XBOX era. there was no gore/blood whatsoever. if my memory serves me right the blood was yellow in NG and NGB.

ssipmraw4003d ago

sigh, the only ninja gaiden game to have fountains of blood was ninja gaiden 2


Erotic Sheep4003d ago

Sigh.. Murderdolls.. Atleast TRY and come up with something :|

silvacrest4003d ago

gore is nice but who the hell wants it more then actual in game improvements? its not like we no how much less anyway

Keowrath4003d ago

The staple of the game was superb action and a great challenge, especially on Master Ninja modes.

Mortal Kombat was about gore and little else, maybe some freaky/snazzy characters. In my opinion and probably quite a few others, I'd much rather have more characters than a bit of graphical blood.

I can't wait for this!

MiloGarret4003d ago

The three extra characters are going to suck, If you played Sigma you'd know this. Besides, why the fück did they choose three stereotype moronic characters instead of Joe Hayabusa or Muramasa? I don't know, the guy in charge seems to be a bit of a dumbass, why remove the blood/gore? Hoping for a T-rating?

I'll buy it anyways because I love NG and can't wait for the extra content and the (supposedly) improved camera.

Oh and online co-op is not going to work. Anyone who has an idea about NG knows that, it's just not possible, so I'm fully expecting that feature to be more or less worthless.

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El Botto4003d ago

Now, with the PS3, the developers can finally realize their vision of Ninja Gaiden 2.

Sigma 2 is without any doubt, the definite version of Ninja Gaiden 2.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the xbots because it is due to their blood, sweat and tears that we are able to play the definite version of Ninja Gaiden 2 totally bugfree and ironed out.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, the definite version of Ninja Gaiden 2, only on PS3.

-MD-4003d ago

Which is the reason the PS3 version has 5% of the gore the 360 version had right?

Along with some tacked on dead or alive characters nobody cares about? LOL I'll take the gore.

El Botto4003d ago

Every other xbot has already converted.

But even the majority of the die hard xbots dont dare to enter a NG2 thread and try to pretend that 360 still has the best version. The fact that you are, proves that you are the dumbest of those people.

NGS2 is without any doubt, the DEFINITE version.
Over 1/3 longer, more missions, more (giant) bosses, more weapons and combos, 3 added characters, added COOP mode, fixed the camera issues, better graphics and last but not least fixed all the bugs that plagued the 360 version.

And you stand here and try to claim (keyword here is "TRY" because not even 4 year olds believe you) that the 360 has the better version.

No kid, 360 version was a BETA compared to the definite version of the PS3.





ssipmraw4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

im sure that gore was what originally made the first ninja gaiden so great... oh wait their was hardly any.

besides God of war III takes the crown for most goriest bloodiest, god head ripping game which is only on ps3!! suck it down murderdolls

ps hot chicks > blood

unless if your into s&M which you probably are

Montrealien4003d ago

@El botto

To bad you wont be able this great game on the PS3 though, you told me your mom only lets you buy E rated games.

Montrealien4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

weak maybe, truth? affirmative.

but seriously themyk, have you not met Nasim yet? He has 1001 accounts and knows everything.

Darrius Cole4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

@El Botto,

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Playable Ayane for the Crushing Victory), is the definitive version of all Ninja Gaiden(s) to date, not just Ninja Gaiden 2. It is the cumulation of Ninja Gaiden/Black, Ninja Gaiden 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, AND Ninja Gaiden:Dragon Sword. That is why it has elements from all of them. It will have characters and/or enemies that were only previously seen in each of them.


DOA characters no one cares about??????? WTF! Blasphemhy!!! Are you really an Xbox guy? I'm not sure now, because there is no such thing as a DOA character that Xbox people don't care about, well maybe Tengu, but they don't take sides against the family so they're okay with him too. But without question or exception, all the ninja rock extremely hard. Any one of them would have gotten the same reaction from fans. After all these games are made by Team NINJA. To say that nobody cares...I just don't get it.

However, this isn't about Tengu, its about Ayane, AYANE!! You know, Hayate's sister. Wait a minute..., you didn't know that Ayane is Hayate's sister did you? You probably don't even know who Hayate is.

That does it? Screw the console war. I have to officially question your Xbox credentials. How can you be an Xbox guy and claim no one cares about DOA? DOA is the flagship fighter of the console. It was practically the only on fighter that the Xbox had until Soul Calibur 2 released. And here you say that nobody cares, NOBODY CARES?!?!

Xboxers have been complaining and asking for DOA5 for about 2 years now. DOA is one the games that built the Xbox platform. Putting a playable Ayane in the game is actually going to sell a few PS3's to Xbox people. The fanbase is not huge like Halo, but those who like DOA really love it. You should know that.

themyk4003d ago

man that was a scoulding from way back.

ptotoy4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

and that glitchy, stupid-camera ninja gayden 2 is really only on the crapbox

AngryTypingGuy4003d ago

"Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is the definite version of Ninja Gaiden 2" -- This statement shows you El Botto's lack of intelligence. It DEFINITIVE, not definite. He uses the term more than once.

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