ResumePlay reviews: Moon

Jim Hargreaves writes: "If there is one genre that is missing in action more than others, it is that of the first person shooter (FPS). Of course, we were greeted with Metroid Hunters when the DS launched, but since then, I have personally only encountered a couple of other which are actually decent; namely Dementium: The Ward and Moon, the game I am reviewing. Strangely enough, both games are crafted by the same developer, Renegade Kid, and both steal from the same engine, but oddly enough, both are stellar DS titles that disgracefully overlooked."

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Teabag_Titan3807d ago

I know there is actually quite a few Dementium fans about, so I would strongly advise them to play through Moon.

suparmonkees3806d ago

i've been looking for a review for moon for quite a while, none of the larger sites viewed it. thanks