In Theory: How Microsoft could build a new 360 for 2010

A more advanced console with a "built in" Natal also offers intriguing possibilities, not least that the interface between camera and console need not be constrained by USB bandwidth - oodles of it is available for streaming compressed video (eg HD-DVD, or Blu-ray movies) but transferring uncompressed HD data from Natal's precision optics is surely another matter entirely. USB bandwidth at its theoretical maximum would not cope with streaming uncompressed 720p video, not even at Natal's 30FPS scan rate..

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Moo7a-Seven3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Nothing but theories, we need to see real proofs, we need to see how it is not a lie!
Even a new xbox 720x0.5 will come out, the ps3 will introduce its secret features and games to counter it ;)

DevastationEve3797d ago

Microsoft markets a cost efficient machine to compete with PS3 and does it well, while Sony still has to keep PS3 @ $400. Microsoft runs a SUBSCRIBER BASED SERVICE to help fuel Xbox 360's support, while Sony's PlayStation Network doesn't turn over a single penny for PS3.

Sony NEEDS to sell PS3 as it is just to produce the equivalent cash flow of Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

And here's the bottom line: the service MAKES the console. As long as Xbox Live pulls in positive numbers, Microsoft will continue supporting Xbox 360. Because Xbox Live is where Microsoft makes ITS money. Games only make the devs money, and the licensing fees that go to Sony or Microsoft are just drops in the bucket.

PS3 is profitable as long as they keep it at that price, and keep pushing bluray to make it a popular choice with home entertainment center builders. Xbox 360 could be $50 and Microsoft would STILL make back loads just off of Xbox Live subscribers.

They don't need to release a new console yet as long as Xbox 360 continues be the catalyst for XBL to succeed. All they need is for that continued success of the Xbox Live brand.

kewlkat0073797d ago

keeps the PS2 around to soften the blow of PS3 cost. Sort alike comparing it to XBL service in terms of money flow. If Sony had cut off the PS2(literally) 2 years ago, I think they would of been in worst shape.

Then again, it might of forced gamers/devs to adopt the PS3 sooner, regardless of price. Sorta like a double-edge sword, but Sony is doing this balancing act quite well given the economic situation. How long can the continue though?....

Sony cannot rely on subscription service for profits, like MS can with XBL. That's another source of revenue MS will always have besides software sales but what hurts MS is Pirated Software, so they are def not making as much as they can.

Foxgod3797d ago

Piracy isnt hurting MS at all, if you compare it to the ps3 software sales, The software sales on the 360 are a lot higher.

Tempist3797d ago

I find myself disagreeing with 1.2 and 1.3. It is a fact that the PS3 is quite pricy, but I can't see Microsoft being able to price a new console with as many theoritical upgrades and new technology at a price no less than twice the current going rate for a decent 360 configuration.

As we have seen, it's MS policy to charge as much as they can for every and any upgrade they can design. Rechargable batteries, wireless adaptor, hard drive, online support, ect. It's a smart policy for people who feel it's fine to just throw money at an incompleted product if people are going to be dumb enough to do so.

A stop-gap console is as smart as the PSP-Go; you're not providing anything new, just giving it the titles New and Improved (how can something be improved if it's new, or new if it's just an improvement?)

And given how many people have a 360 and how many people will be getting a 360 before the new one, there's not going to be a lot of room for people to buy this magical new 360, but rather get the next add-on at a high price.

eagle213797d ago

Sorry, but at the end of the day a "real 360" costs more. That gimp arcade is just smoke and mirrors. We will see how many will see the better value "out the box" when PS3 is is able to have even more "word of mouth" at a mass market appeal. I still remember my older cousin bringing home TWO psOne's at launch for $299 each. That was in 95'.

i3eyond the Circle3797d ago

Off Season months are hit and miss between sales of the 360 and Ps3.

But I like your spin eagles.

360 had no real have to get exclusives in February or May and yet it outsold the Ps3 those 2months.

KZ2 and inFamous ring a bell?

Holiday season is where you can make the real call that is when you can see what consumers are trying to get there hands on.

And just like last year I'm expecting a Ps3 surplus and a 360 sell out.

Lifendz3797d ago

I agree with almost everything you said. The very reason I won't buy a 360, and perhaps any MS console from this point out, is because of the 50.00 a year charge for XBL gold. I always look at a price not in terms of what I pay yearly, but what I'll have paid over the console's lifespan.

Sony's PSN may not be as feature laden as XBL gold, but it's free and allows me to do pretty much all I want. But yeah, Sony makes no profit off of a guy like me whereas MS would've made around 200.00 bucks off of me were I a live subscriber. The fact that they charge for live AND are MS means they can, as you said, sell the Xbox for 100.00 or 50.00 bucks and still remain solvent.

Bubbles up!

Xi3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Not only that but we also see both microsoft and nintendo playing to the razor/razorblade style of cost effeciency when it comes to their other products.

Again while sony has so much bundled with the console microsoft and nintendo can sell exspensive addons, remotes, chargers, straps, etc. to cover even more manufacturing costs.

In all honestly, microsoft and nintendo both ran their consoles divisions a lot more effectively then sony has this generation.

and eagle, you keep saying that the ps3 is the better value and cheaper when you factor in live, hdd etc. Not only that you only use the arcade sku price, but the pro is the highest selling version, and the elite also costs the same price as the ps3. So Why is the xbox, the more exspensive console, out selling the ps3? You negate your entire argument by saying the 360 is more exspensive.

DevastationEve3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Yeah but you're STILL not getting it dude. Games sell SOFTWARE, who makes that money? Developers.

The SERVICE sells the hardware, and a SUBSCRIBER BASED service would make even a FREE console turn over massive profits for Microsoft. It's like those phone deals: you can get the HTC Touch Pro like I did without the contract, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Get contracted with the SERVICE for 2 years and they'll give you the phone for $300 LESS. And for most other phones that aren't so expensive, they'll give you one for free!

Look at how Apple dropped the iPhone 3G down to $99. Because they know at&t will rape in the end with their plans.

Of course Microsoft doesn't have any such plans, but the model is already in place. The service WILL make them profits, and even moreso since the console itself still costs YOU money.

eagle213796d ago

No spin needed. PS3 was on top of Japan those months "ring a bell". Not to mention everyone including Aaron Greenberg screaming "PS3 price cut at E3".

Sony needs no introduction when they go mass market. 360 has failed to top Wii at $50 less. And with all the ["New NatalBox coming 2010"], I wouldn't be so confident. :)

DevastationEve3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

oh shoot...i misread your comment. somebody execute me, lol.

sorry. i haven't gotten no sleep.

GarandShooter3796d ago

'Because Xbox Live is where Microsoft makes ITS money. Games only make the devs money, and the licensing fees that go to Sony or Microsoft are just drops in the bucket'

Then maybe you can explain how console manufacturers stayed in business before online gaming came to be.

da720izcumin3796d ago

dude wat about halo wars?
are you saying that killzone/infamous are more of a have to get exclusive than halo wars?
cause the gamer community doesn't think so....

richie007bond3795d ago

ps3 will introduce its secret features and games to counter it ;)


You need to get a serious grip of yourself, complete sado.

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PLASTICA-MAN3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

This new xbox should be called XXXBox ! ;)

Moo7a-Seven3797d ago

or: my father have his father box

Droid Control3797d ago

With built in Natal, Wi-fi, a Blu-Ray disc drive, and a decent D-pad on the standard 360 pad.

Sibs3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

It's called a ps3.

HarryEtTubMan3797d ago

Sorry but 300 less games, having to play PSN, having a 15 year old controller design...having weak rip-offs like trophies that are missing from 200+ games, getting the worse version of 90% of games released.....

.....thats PS3.

No thanks.

mrv3213797d ago

In theory they could build the next 360 well, with high build quality.
In theory communism works... and only in theory.

So yeah let's see what happens.

Xi3797d ago

capitalism only works in theory too.

i3eyond the Circle3797d ago

Natal won't be built in JESUS...

Valhalla board 360.

Slimmer, no brick, new dpad upgraded controller, and bundled with Natal Camera.


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