IGN: Father's Day Wii Guide

Face it: you're a huge disappointment to your father. Epic. As in, he wishes he could just go to work one day and never come home. You know it and we know it. But now's your chance to make amends for your years of mounting failures because yes, Father's Day approaches. When he walks in the door this weekend, shock dad with an unanticipated demonstration of love by presenting him with a big bag of Wii goodies -- technology and games, to be precise -- that will turn his 20-year frown upside-down.

To aid you in this glorious rebirth of your drowning relationship -- he told IGN he hates you, seriously; they are not just using this angle because they couldn't think of a better one -- they have compiled a list of papa-worthy Wii gear and games (five total) sure to make him permanently forget about your report cards and run-ins with the police. IGN has selected only wares released in the last couple of months just in case dad already owns some of the timeless Wii standouts.

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