Left 4 Dead Creation Tools Coming Next Week

While the campaigns that shipped with Left 4 Dead were all pretty good, you do get sick of them after a while. Which is where custom, user-generated campaigns come in.

Next week, Valve will be updating Left 4 Dead so that these custom missions - like the Resident Evil 3 mod we showed you earlier in the day - are both more prominent within the userbase and are easier to download and play.

Firstly, with this update map creators will be able to package their content into a single file (a .VPK). This will make displaying, downloading and installing the campaigns a cinch for other users. The game's matchmaking system will also be updated to reflect this, with "extensive support for custom add-on campaigns"..

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DavidMacDougall3805d ago

How many months late? 8? 9?

celldomceen13805d ago

i guess it could have been never.

DavidMacDougall3805d ago

Yeah your right, they should have just kept there mouth shut if it was no where near completion is what im saying.

mrv3213805d ago

Any love for us 360 owners? By love anything above what PS3 owners get is good.

electricshadow3805d ago

you troll.

I'm glad this is coming out. Been getting tired of playing the four campaigns over and over on the PC. This will make me play it more.

mrv3213805d ago

I own L4D on 360, if I had the money to buy a proper PC I'd have bought L4D on the PC as it's far better for modding. I am disapointed with Valve approach towards the PS3 I want them to support it more as the PS3 becomes far more accesiply and with the future looking like it's move more toward the PS3 in computer design to simply not support a fairly large user base is pretty strange, yes it will take work, but that work is best done early in the life cycle when the user base is still growing so your ready for the far larger base.

I understand they have given the 360 lot's of DLC but I have only recently got the game and depsite being happy with it I am bored of it, the enemies seem samey, got to b, shoot lots of zombie there might be a pecial zombie. Go to c press a switch hoarde comes, go to safehouse.

I like my PS3 MORE it's true, I just feel more comfortable and relaxed while playing it and I prefer the controller. Call me a fanboy but the 360 is just as good and seeing as most of my complaints against the 360 are personal choice I see not reason why a few people prefer the 360.

One final note, the graphics on L4D are pretty poor I can name allmost 2 year old games which have superiro graphics and in my opinion better controls. L4D feels loose, unvaried, but IT'S a FUN co-op game I doubt I'll buy L4D2 at launch wait for some DLC and a price drop and I'll buy it.

air13805d ago

I bet its all free and the pc crowd will still yell foul.

evrfighter3804d ago

all of a sudden modding tools are a privilege to the pc community?

quick history lesson

The modding community made Valve what it is today.

air13804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

NO, its not but it is a privilege to get the damn thing for "FREE" you inconsiderate pirate!?

you pc gamers and your "they work for me mentality" if it wasnt for valve you wouldnt have valve games to play moron.

i swear i hope im around the day pc gaming is dead.

walking around with a swollen head!? " if it wasnt for the pc community we wouldnt have gameslike the orange box, l4d etc".. what ever piss off..

you pirates are nothing more then a cheap joke r.i.p

evrfighter3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

every Valve game that's been released I've purchased....(I can take a screenshot of my game list on steam and post the link if you don't believe me)

Or are you under the assumption that modders are pirates? Now think about what I said again. If it wasn't for the modders. CS, CS Source, TF, TF2 would have never existed. Valve owes its existence to its community and its community owes Valve for one of the single greatest FPS franchises of all time.

releasing the SDK for L4D is something that has always been expected to be released for free. to think otherwise would have been laughable.

air13804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

bro you a pirate, you said so the other day, i seen it.. so dont try and brush off poly from your shoulder now and claim to buy your games on pc..

there you go again with that swollen head. you know what, i believe you, you guy's had everything to do with tf2. all i need is your name so that i can go through the credits and try and spot it. ;)

you are a pirate cause you steal games not cause you a fake no name modder, that claims to have done tf2 for valve. you think i didnt catch that pirate talk " we knew it was going to be free all along it would of been laughable if it wasnt" key word laughable if it wasnt. in other words you would of just pirated it. yea, i know that pirate lingo...

evrfighter3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

I do remember mentioning that. However I recall also stating that I don't pirate a good online game.

here's my steam game ur heart out


as far as your tf2 comment goes...use your head. If TF was never created in the modding scene their WOULDNT be a Tf2.

I also bought Demigod. One of the most pirated games to come out on pc this year. If you want proof of that I'll be more than glad to show you.

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Kinetix3805d ago

I imagine these are the same tools they will use to make l4d2?

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