Minkley: Identity theft "not a specific problem to videogames"

Eurogamer's Johnny Minkley told BBC News this morning that getting your details nicked online isn't more likely to happen just because you're a gamer.

His comments came after a research firm estimated that between 30,000-35,000 Live account details per year are being sold through avenues such as IRC rooms for as little as £3 a piece.

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PirateThom3591d ago

The only time I hear about PSN and Live accounts being stolen and unusable by the creator is when they give someone their details.

SpoonyRedMage3591d ago

Yer, also people who sell their systems without deleting their details which isn't exactly a smart move.

Another One3591d ago

Is this really a surprise to anyone? Of course being a gamer doesn't make you more susceptible. Anyone with an internet connection is at risk. It all depends on your level of knowledge about sites and how they get your information. I would think being a gamer would mean you have a little more knowledge about these things, making you less at susceptible to falling for any scams.