ResumePlay Staff Picks Their Favorite Controller of All Time

Michael Perry writes: "Every gamer is different, and one thing that sets us all apart is the preference on which hunk of shaped plastic we prefer to use. There have been so many redesigns and upgrades that it is a daunting task trying to narrow down your absolute favorite controller. Check to see the staff's pick, their reasons for why they chose their picks, and why it is their favorite out of the bunch. What is your favorite controller?"

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vhero3591d ago

Never liked the n64 controller mainly due to green and blue button being in an akward place but meh differnt controls for differnt people i guess..

Ziriux3592d ago

Aww no one picked the NES controller.

xabmol3592d ago

Seriously? o.0?!

Nostalgia =/= Quality

But I guess it's all just opinion. Eh... *shrugs*

brandynevils3592d ago

I don't know... it'd be hard to pick just one... I think I would have to narrow it down to the Wavebird, SNES controller, annnnnd the 64 controller.

Baross20253592d ago

SNES controller is my favorite of all time

xabmol3592d ago

Here. This is for all the 360 owners out there that want a good controller. =]

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