E3 2009: I came, I saw, I con-ventioned

From The Post-Grad Gamer's "Senior Editor" demystifies E3 and promises to bore you less than James Cameron, which is to say, a great deal.

The old adage, "There will be time to sleep when you die," has a certain irony in the world of videogames, where death is but a game-play mechanic. If gamers are susceptible to marathon gaming sessions where sleep is ditched in favor of just one more completed quest, enthusiast (read: unpaid) game journalists are doubly cursed with the desire to immerse themselves in the industry's largest trade show while doing all the leg-work (oh god, the walking) to write their stories, record their podcasts, and dutifully exchange business cards like honest-to-goodness grownups.

Continue for more brilliant ramblings about booth babes and tips for future first-time E3 attendees. The Post-Grad Gamer is serious business.

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fr0sty3593d ago

Very entertaining read. Couldn't be more true.