Microsoft's Major Nelson Defends Guitar Hero II Download Pricing

Is 500 MS points ($6.25) a fair price for a pack of three downloadable Guitar Hero II songs on Xbox Live? Many of you don't think so, but Major Nelson believes it's justified. In a recent interview, he explained the rationale behind the current GHII pricing structure.

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bung tickler4262d ago

I have to agree, i mean people buy songs on itunes like he syas for $1 a pop and all you can do is listen to them, these songs are ~$2 and you can interact with them... how is that a bad deal? oh and to the people that say well it would cost ~$100 to buy all the songs from GH1... um some of those songs are already in GH2 and GH2 on the 360 has like 10 extra songs over the ps2 version already... so yeah.

by the way I dont even play this game, I do own it though... for one reason, my girlfriend plays the sh!t out of it and then doesnt get mad at me when i play something like Gears, or soon Mass Effect, on the other 360 i got. (yeah i have two 50" dlps and two 360's what-of-it?)

frostbite064262d ago

Itune songs are the real deal, not covers

ryanjtravis4262d ago

The licensing/royalties argument is completely ridiculous - you think iTunes doesn't have to pay royalties? Of course they do, yet they charge $1 per song AND STILL MAKE MONEY (quite a bit of money, actually).

And sure, the devs put work into making the tracks interactive, but that gives them the right to charge us $1.25 - $1.50 maximum. Sorry, but 9 songs (some of which totally suck) should not cost me $19. Red Octane is absolutely screwing us, and I'm really disappointed in them.

TheMART4262d ago

Yeah I think this pricetag is justified. You pay royalties for the song, which cost money to the original artist.

And the replay value is great of this game and the songs

frostbite064262d ago

Do you pay royalties for a cover?? If so, i dont know why so many bands would choose to do them

kmis874262d ago

I have to agree with you on this one Mart. As a GH fan on the ps2, I would have paid $100 for the game and guitar if it had cost that much at retail because it's that good.

And licensing really is a pain in the @ss, especially when you're trying to create a profitable microtransaction system. Horse Armor is still retarded because Bethesda doesn't pay royalties to anyone. But RedOctane doesn't really have many options in this case. My advice is buy songs you like, or buy songs that look like fun on youtube. Down the line they'll probably release larger song packs, and these will likely cost less per song than the 3 song packs.

Adamalicious4262d ago

publishing royalties - yes.

mechanical etc royalties - no.

This really depends on the deals with the publishing companies. If you license a song for a game/film you don't pay more if the game/film sells more copies, but I don't know what deal they have going here - I'm sure it's complicated.

Boon Tarkas4261d ago

You, probably more than anyone else, as an avid gamer, must know what these micro-transactions add up to. It gets bloody exorbitant.

Now we have a great game that I dropped $160 on (2 guitars, Canadian funds), one guitar doesn't work, and the DLC is old news and over-priced.

$6.25 aint' cheap.

To justify this pricing scheme only limits your cred when you weigh in on other issues.

PS. I do typically enjoy your rants and tirades versus the Soy-Boys

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Lacarious4262d ago

we all know how it will work from here on out. The gaming exec's will sit around a big glossy oak table in their high price suits thinking of what they are going to do with their super model assistant before going home to their wrinkley wives and they will all agree that chargeable components of games be left out so they can nickel and dime us to death increasing their profits so they can sit pretty on their 3rd yacht.

Sky Lazarus4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

What a joke this guy is, he is so brainwashed by corperate america that he thinks that it is all right for us to pay 2x what the songs from GH1 cost, just so we can play them in GHII. I just lost all respect for Major Nelson, and to think that this guy used to be the coolest xbox guy in the world. Sounds like Larry Hyrb is now talking and Major Nelson is dead. Pick or choose what you are about MN, the community or the company, you can't masquerade as both, now that the mask is off you have a lot of work to do to be "cool" with us again. What a shame

BIadestarX4262d ago

I am sure if Microsoft would to offer you the job he has or any job for that matter you would be worst than he is... too bad you probably has nothing of value that they can possibly want.

Besides this has nothing to do with microsoft, maybe it does but not as much as people think. Do microsoft owns the content? What sucks about it is not being able to compare. It goes down to this. Buy the PS2 version you get the same songs as the 360 version... you want new songs.. you have to get the 360 version and pay wherever they ask for.
I would love to see this game or for that matter all 3rd party games release downloable content in all patform... let's see if the content would be cheaper in the PS3.

kmis874262d ago

If, for example Singstar songs (which also include videos I think, not really a big singer) would cost less, than I'd suspect its a result of Sony being the music production company for those songs. Royalties probably have RedOctane by the balls here, so just buy the songs you want and keep rocking out. Complaining about the costs isn't going to reduce the money RedOctane has to pay to license the songs.

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