Monster Hunter 3 boxart

Capcom has released the official boxart image for Monster Hunter 3.

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knox3597d ago

does nt look to bad i think !

Smacktard3597d ago

If by "doesn't look to bad" you mean "it looks FREAKING AWESOME" then I agree. Hope it's this good or better for the American release.

I've never played a Monster Hunter game, but this'll be my first. I'm really looking forward to it.

knox3597d ago

it is good its just that there have been so many bad boxarts ive seen.......nice to see a good one for once lol

ThanatosDMC3597d ago

Screw the Wii... i want it on PS360!

qface643597d ago

come on Thanatos you should know by now especially this gen everyone can't always get what they want

gintoki7773597d ago

I agree we need a monster hunter game on ps3 NOT NOT!!! 360 because it has never been on microsoft platforms and it shouldnt start now

aftrdark213597d ago

Unless it has a Xbox 360 or PS3 logo on it.

SpoonyRedMage3597d ago

Why not let the 360 get it as well? The PS3 got Oblivion despite the PS2 not getting Morrowind. That's just selfish.

Anyway it looks like there's plenty of games on the Wii that the HD guys are envying! Hehe!

gintoki7773597d ago

because taking final fantasy 13 is more than enough for them let their studios learn how to make great games not their never ending list of third parties

qface643597d ago

the chances of monster hunter appearing on the 360 are about the same as dragon quest going to the 360 ain't happening

considering it only sells in japan while everywhere else BARELY

anyways seeing how capcom just made it for the wii if your still holding out for a MH3 on ps3 just give it up

MAYBE a MH game will appear on the PS3 one day but its not going to be MH3

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Myst3597d ago

That's a pretty nice box art design.

qface643597d ago

man that DNagent guy is being pretty lame reporting EVERY single little thing related to monster hunter 3 why?

ANYWAYS i think it looks good
im crossing my fingers for the american box art don't screw it u capcom

Honky Kong3597d ago

but they took away bows!

Arnon3596d ago

I really, REALLY doubt, that you're going to even care once you play it.

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