God of War Fans: Join the Spartan Army

Anthony Caiazzo writes -

After a successful E3 and God of War III's March 2010 release date announcement we have given Kratos a new place to show off all his carnage and destruction. Today, we relaunched the God of War III website with an all new look, screens and video section, community forums and much more. For you die-hard fans we have the God of War III Press Conference Video available, as well as more DOWNLOADS! You might also want to check out the merchandise section, which will be updated throughout road to launch… And for those who feel worthy to fight alongside Kratos, you can enlist in the Spartan Army, where you will have opportunities in the future to get access to exclusive updates and other cool content.

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Cajun Chicken3594d ago

Okayyy...I'm just seeing pictures and trailers so far. Don't see anything else mentioned.

MiloGarret3594d ago

There's wallpapers and stuff now. Looks pretty sweet, I downloaded one and it's just like Kratos: Badass.

The Matrix3594d ago

Yes sir, Kratos, sir. I will be glad to join the Spartan Army and aid you in your fight. Wait...didn't Sparta get destroyed in GoW II? And wasn't one of the boss battles in GoW II against "The Last Spartan"? Uh....

Cajun Chicken3594d ago

Its been updated, they must've announced it before they actually updated it. Nice. Joined the Spartan army now.

moparful993594d ago

It asks me to enter my birthday and when I do it comes up with an error saying it wasnt intended for my age group... WTF??? im 24 how the hell is it not intended for my age group,, if not mine then who???

Parapraxis3594d ago

Kratos can smell your fear.
Try again, this time be determined and maybe sneer a little.

AntoineDcoolette3594d ago

GoW3 is an intense and disturbingly violent game. Only war veterans of ages 50+ are permitted to access the website.

DasBunker3594d ago

damn thats weird.. im gonna join the army right nao.. hope it lets me

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kanok3594d ago

i also want to play the demo that in E3, looks awesome!!!!

BaSeBaLlKiD7213594d ago

just signed up...

i just have a silly feeling that they will send out codes for early access to an exclusive demo as it gets closer to the release date...

3594d ago