Rare Shopping for Project Natal Designers with Twitter

Rare dropped Kotaku a line to let them know that they were now active on Twitter, posting haiku movie reviews, new game teases, and fishing for game designers who might be interested in Project Natal.

Whatever the case may be, they certainly seem to be having fun with it, so you might want to keep track of Rare's new Twitter. Who knows when they'll announce a Project Natal-enabled sequel to Killer Instinct?

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Whiskers3591d ago

Looking for talent Rare?

DragonWarrior_43591d ago

Rare needs to hold off on Natal and just make another Conker. BTW, they should have devs already working on this stuff.

kaveti66163589d ago

Hold on a minute. Microsoft is looking to Rare to create something using Natal. And Rare is looking for someone to do it? Hah. I find that both sad and funny. Cuz at E3 MS acted like Natal was already being worked on, and Rare is still snatching up resources.

Kushan3589d ago

So you can't work on something, then decide that you'd like more people to help work on it? You either have a full team or no team at all? Is that how the world works?

kewlkat0073589d ago

Seriously are you bored?

Just having my morning coffee...N4G never fails to amuse.

JokesOnYou3589d ago

"Cuz at E3 MS acted like Natal was already being worked on, and Rare is still snatching up resources"

-lmfao, by that logic ninty, sony and micro are all doing nothing at the moment since almost every dev studio is actively looking for talented people for new projects. damm the extremists tunnel vision is getting worse. lol=


kaveti66163589d ago

Relax, I just made a comment based on how I felt about the news at that particular moment. Another day has passed, and maybe my feelings have leveled out. I am as much a dynamic creature as all of you. Maybe yesterday I felt like making fun of Microsoft, and maybe today I feel like defending them. Read my comment history and you will see I am completely neutral. I spend as much time defending the 360 as I do the PS3. So, maybe it's all of you who should change your attitudes.

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Conviction_GoTy_20093589d ago

They just need more people to other stuff...

MajestieBeast3589d ago

Well atleast they wont butcher more of the old franchises that started on the snes or n64 thats a good thing.

Serg3589d ago

Killer Instinct 3 with Natal controls only!

I think I'd puke...

SpoonyRedMage3589d ago

This is a good thing either way, it means different people will be working on Natal and it means some folks that might have been hit badly by the recession get jobs.

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