Nintendo registers more and more names

Seems like Nintendo will go bankrupt if they keep registering new names like that. A new list of WiiNames has surfaced the net - there are all kinds, from kids to a possible war one.

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Schmitty076187d ago

Can't wait to get a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii

shotty6187d ago

There is not i in Wiiii, oh ya there is.

FamoAmo6187d ago

I will be getting one also too!! I think it will look nice next to the 360!! Nintendo's library has got me!!

Sphinx6187d ago

I'm currently trying to trick my wife into wanting it, so I can buy it for "her"... I'm so sneaky.

FamoAmo6187d ago

She Loves Mario Cart!! I am using Mario Cart and Mario Bros. as my bargaining ...I hope it works for you Sphinx...I almost got her convinced!!

zonetrooper56187d ago

Can't wait, i might ask for this console for christmas. if i get it, i will get the console with 2 controllers and 2 games. wario world and mario super galaxy. oh yeh its gonna rule.

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