New Blu-ray Movies Announced

Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate, and Paramount have announced their exciting Blu-ray lineup. The release dates are still yet to be determined. With twenty titles from Sony Pictures, twenty more from Fox, ten from Lions Gate, and quite a few more from Paramount, Blu-ray looks as though it's going to start off with a bang.

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HaHa5839d ago

damn that's a lotta love blu-ray is getting ;)

achira5839d ago

blue ray is the future !!!

kingboy5839d ago

Blu-ray needs to begin it`s debut now

Sexius Maximus5839d ago

I'm all about advances in technology, but I'm not about to spend $35-$45 on a freaking movie. Check Wal-Marts website, they have Blu-Rays, and they are way too spendy. It makes you wonder how much it will effect the PS3 game prices (hopefully not much, considering their games probably won't break the 9 gig marl anyway)

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The story is too old to be commented.