Diddy Kong Pimps His Ride

Sure Diddy Kong Racing DS is no Mario Kart; that's a given. But the game did quite well for itself this February as the top selling DS game and the third best selling title across all platforms. Rare may be a Microsoft-owned studio, but we wouldn't be shocked to see more Rare games on the DS following the good start out of the gate for Diddy.
To many, the games that Rare made while they were collaborating heavily with Nintendo are true classics for all time. They helped re-envision the Donkey Kong franchise with the popular side-scroller Donkey Kong Country, turned the cute 3D platformer genre on its ear with Conker's Bad Fur Day and helped popularize first-person shooters on consoles with Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark. Many Nintendo fans were saddened to learn that, in 2002, Rare and all of its assets had been acquired by Microsoft.

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