LittleBigPlanet Devs Love Coding On PS3

I guess if you ask some developers -- like Media Molecule, creators of LittleBigPlanet -- the PS3 isn't that hard to code games for, after all.

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BIadestarX4304d ago

Obvious response. When developers have to worry about only one patform and only one game it's easier. "the PS3 isn't that hard to code games for, after all" in reference to what? 3rd party developer have a difference perspective than 1st party developers or developer making exclusive content for a single patform. This is the reason why some developers like kojima and square enix tend to keep games in a single platform. That's one 1st pages tend to be better or push the hardware more than 3rd party developers. As a software developers I can tell you that programming in not hard when that's what you do from 9-5 every day. But that does not mean Assembly is not harder than C and that C# is is not harder than HTML. Is programming for the PS3 hard? Depends who you ask. If you as a 1st party developer they will say no since that the only thing they do and has to do. If you as a 3rd party developer who's progamming for the wii and the 360 and it takes them more time and efford to produce the same on the PS3; duhh they will say is harder.

zantetsuken4303d ago

Keep in mind these guys coded for PC first. Their first project was a kung fu game using the HL2 engine.

JIN KAZAMA4304d ago

that if third party devs just spend a little more time understanding the hardware, it wouldnt be that hard to program for. Its just a different architecture, therefore they need to get used to it. I say in about 2 years, even third party devs will be making the PS3 sing like an opera singer on the highest Octave. 3rd party devs are just being lazy and just porting over the 360 games to the PS3, but once they get some good experience with it, they will utilize the PS3's hardware. Its just a natural progression, and it will take time.

BIadestarX4303d ago

Why would you say they are being lazy?
You obviously have no Idea what it takes to make a game.
Use logic. 3rd party developers have more on their plates.
You see most if not all 1st party games are funded by SONY, meanting they only have to worry about making a good game, period.
3rd party developers have to worry about profits, they have to worry about the finantial implications of spending resources in projects.
3rd party developers for the most part have to work on multiple titles at the same time, most even making 3 games for 3 different platforms, that's 6 games.
Think about it, 1st party developer work in 1 game at a time for 1 patform. 3rd party developer have work more. Lazy? MY @$$.
Yes, sure you may say, but put other developers to work on those other patforms and games. righttttttttt.... who's going to pay for that? Specially when lets say making a game for the PS3 right now will not pay the bills. Also, they have to try to release the games at the sametime for all platforms.
You may ask but Kojima and square are 3rd party, ask youselve how many games are they working on?, for how many patforms are they releasing it, how much money Sony is paying them. Most 3rd party developers are on their own, Sony gives them $h!t, which is why they have to make the decistion of delaying the PS3 version so they can have more time to learn the platform. Don't compare 3rd developer with 1st party developer and accuse 3rd party developer, it's just very unfair.

artman4303d ago

dude, what's wrong with your common sense? get the fact, port games are bad... if they say that ps3 coding is fun, then you are not happy... if they say ps3 coding is sux... then that's what you want to hear rite?
articles that written just for what you want to hear is really bad you know... I have a bunch of that type of news enough in my country.
this industry is starting become dirty... if this continues like this, you gonna regret this. bias or not bias... we rather hear the truth... when you people supporting the bias articles... they will continues to write bias articles... r u getting the point?
just calm down.

if you like ryu, I'm not sure you can play that on xbox... not sure on 360... as I know the xbox controller is terrible for 2D fighting game...
let's fight when it's ready for online SF (doesn't matter on which platform.... but I prefer to use PS controller or joystick)

D3acon4303d ago

Sorry, Lazy and cheap. I'm tired of getting games that are half assed ports and being charged for it. They are not obligated to make games for different systems, its their choice. So if they develop a great game for one system, then why should the other consumers be cheated for each additional copy of the game made for the other consoles? That being the case then they should be 1st party developers.

I don't believe that the money these publishers and developers are making can't be used to hire an extra two or three programers that deal specifically with the other consoles. There are ways to delagate, but if you're unwilling to learn a new system to harness the fullest potential it offers then I guess what would be the point. You would release these titles make some money and slowly lose your fan base. (ubisoft)

I think Team Ninja(Ninja Gaiden Sigma)were talking about lazy developers in a recent interview. They aren't first party and develop for 360 and ps3.

mandrake4303d ago

Who cares which system is easier to work on? Most developers that can will choose to work with the system that sells their games best, even if it forces them to type code with their butt cheeks.

On another note, I don't think any captive developer would be stupid enough to publicly bad mouth the mother ship. We shouldn't expect these guys, or Bungie, Lionhead, Insomniac, Polyphony, etc. to ever go on record with something like "yes, this pizza box is a b**ch to code for, but (Sony/MS/Nintendo) owns our asses lock stock and barrel, so we're stuck with it." It's just not gonna happen.

JIN KAZAMA4303d ago

quit with the babbling. The point is, if the 3rd party devs take some time getting used to the hardware, which in time they will, you will see that teh PS3 games will look much better in time. You are acting like you are this high class business man who has ran multi million dollar companies for a living, when all your doing is posting on some website about videogames. you are taking this too seriously dude, just relax, you are a very angry person. Dont you think in time, when those 3rd party devs work on the ps3, they will start finding things out on how to get the most out of the hardware. Just relax dude, i can see you screaming in real life, like your avatar is. Its just videogames. If Sony goes bankrupt, it is not going to kill me, and if MS has all the money in the world, its not gonna make you a millionaire.

BIadestarX4303d ago

You are contradicting yourself. "if the 3rd party devs take some time getting used to the hardware, which in time they will, you will see that teh PS3 games will look much better in time." I agree 100% on that. But, why do you think it will take for them to get use to it?
"You are acting like you are this high class business man who has ran multi million dollar companies for a living" I don't run the company I work for, but I am the lead developer and I work very close with project managers designing and assigning resources (including developers [programmers sucks as myself]). I know what it takes to make software; cause I make software for a living.

And no I am not angry.. justr trying to help you understand reality so you can learn a thing or two about the real world aside from using fanboy logic to explain when a project/game/software is taking longer to have the results people expect from the PS3.

The funny things about it is that you are not Wrong about what you are saying, "Dont you think in time, when those 3rd party devs work on the ps3, they will start finding things out on how to get the most out of the hardware".. but you think that they need more time because they are lazy which is not true... because I can tell you 3rd party developer are not in the business of giving jobs to lazy developers.
Ask yourself this, how come 1st developers tend to make better games? Thats a fact for all patforms... 3rd party developer need more time to learn about the PS3 because the platform requires it. Period.
Now if they would be making poor games for all platforms including the wii and the 360 then they are lazy.

DJ4303d ago

"Well, 1st Party devs are under Sony's thumb, so their opinions don't count! They just say whatever Sony wants them to say."

-But what about 3rd party developers like Factor 5, Kojima Studios, Insomniac, etc? Surely they must be unbiased in their praise, right?-

"No! They don't make games for Xbox, so they're biased!"

-But Bladestar, Factor 5 was a Nintendo developer for two hardware generations. And even Kojima's team made an Xbox version of MGS2.-

"...n-n-NO! They're not making 360 titles right now, so they must be biased!!! They just say whatever Sony wants them to say."

-But even Team Ninja, a dedicated Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 developer, has had nothing but praise for the PS3's capabilities.-

".........well you're stupid!"


Bad_Karma4303d ago

If you cant take the time to learn how to dev properly for a new system then don't bother at all . I would rather not have certain games than have poor efforts or lazy ass ports .Media Molecule and Team Ninja have both said the PS3 is not hard to program for so is it hard or not ? or maybe these guys are smarter than your average dev`s hey booboo :P

VirtualGamer4303d ago

I loved reading this quote from Yosuke Hayashi

GI: What do you think of the PlayStation 3 as a whole, now that you’ve had a chance to work with it?

Hayashi: A lot of developers out there talk about how the PS3 is hard to develop for. And I think that that’s kind of an affront to the fans, because you paid your money and you own a PS3, and you pay the same money for a PS3 game as you would any other game. That’s not really looking at it from a consumer’s perspective. The fact of the matter is that the PS3, when pushed to the limits, can do some amazing things, and I’d like to have our game be one of those showcases, for that and say, “Look, this is what you can do with the hardware.” I think all those developers who are saying, “We don’t want to do a PS3 game,” or “It’s really difficult to do it,” should shut up and make their games. If you have time to complain about it, then you should be spending your time working on getting the most from the hardware. It’s really about, at the end of the day, showing what we can do as developers. Nobody is forcing us, nobody is saying, “You have to develop for the PS3.” We’re doing it because we want to, and because we know that there are people out there who have PS3s, and if we can get them to play our game then our goal is accomplished. We’d like to have Ninja Gaiden Sigma not only be a great game for the consumer but also as a message to the industry, to say, “Look, this can be done in 2007 on this hardware.” Hopefully, that can throw out a beacon for the rest of the industry.

Oncnawan4303d ago

He never says that programming for the PS3 is not difficult. He just says that if you are going to program for the PS3, don't complain about the difficulty. Read it again, seriously.

VirtualGamer4303d ago

Your right he never said it was easy. What he did say was that it doesn't matter if its easy or hard. If your a developer and you choose to develop a game for a specific system you should do your best and quit making excuses. Considering he is a 3rd party developer and this is his first game on the PS3 and its going to be 1080p @60fps with full shadowing, a feat no game has delivered thus far on the PS3, he is delivering on what he is saying.

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