Halo 2 Auto-update is up

Bungie sends out word about their new auto-update.

"As you know by now, we're just over a week away from unleashing two brand new Halo 2 multiplayer maps upon the world. "Desolation", a remake of the Halo 1 map Derelict, and Tombstone, a remake of the classic "Hang 'em High", are both being released on Xbox Live on Tuesday 4/17. For the bargain price of $4.00 you'll be able to unleash a new can of whoop-ass on these completely re-imagined multiplayer arenas. We'll have a lot more to say (and show) about each of these maps next week as part of our continuing coverage on"

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Dukester1014261d ago

i dont care if it's halo. i think they should release the maps free to say "thanks" for over 2 years of 200,000+ users playing their game... and an outdated "last-gen" version at that.... but that's just my opinion.

i'm not knocking halo, i love the series... more than most people, i just like to keep an open mind.

kewlkat0074261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

You figure they could at least say thanks with some freebies...then again downloadable content is a profitable business

zonetrooper54261d ago

It was made by a different company btw. Anyways $4 is not that much, if you still like playing Halo 2 then buy these maps, if not then don't buy them ok. Anyways i will be buying these maps as soon as they are out.

SmokeyMcBear4261d ago

is this also for the xbox 1 users, just wondering cuz my buddy plays halo 2 on his xbox 1.

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