Naruto for the Xbox 360 coming out this year?

A few retailers like Gamefly and EB Games have begun to list Ubisoft's Naruto with a release date of October 16 Siliconera reports. When Ubisoft snagged the rights to develop a Naruto game on the Xbox 360, they chose their Montreal studio to work on it.

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ben hates you4259d ago

questions what is it?
is only on xbox?
what kind of game is it?

fjtorres4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

The current issue of OXM has a preview; it looks and plays exactly like the cartoon, but in HD.
It was announced last year but nobody paid attention.
Apparently Ubisoft-Montreal is getting close enough that they are showing it around.
Whether they are close enough for an october launch is another story.
OXM had it pegged for 08.
The cartoon is monstruously popular, apparently.
What is interesting is that the gaming rights to the property were licensed separately for Japan and the rest of the world for very different kinds of games. (The Japanese Naruto games are 2-d punch and kickers, apparently.)

ben hates you4259d ago

fjtorres and super bubble for each

SuperSaiyan44259d ago

The Anime TV show that comes on I believe Cartoon Network.

I personally dont like it at all its about a boy who wants to be a great ninja something like that they have some sort of special abilities and powers.

I say scrap this and give is a proper Dragonball Z game!! For the 360 instead!!

decapitator4259d ago

For a person who dont like the tv show, but anyway below is a link where they have some screens of the game


Xi4259d ago

And being done by ubisoft montreal, with their background this looks like it could be a top notch game.

MoonDust4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

You got that clown!<Vegeta>
lol JK

Xi4259d ago

at least they fight in naruto.

THAMMER14259d ago

Keep your little gamers hands ready kids!!! It is about to go down for you too. GOOD TIMES

overrated4259d ago

lol naruto. Gears or Naruto hmmmmm? Naruto anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.