Major Nelson talks Guitar Hero downloads, Halo 3

Joystiq had an opportunity to chat with Microsoft mascot-in-training Major Nelson, early yesterday morning as the internet began its incredible, violent reaction against the pricing of the Guitar Hero downloadable tracks on Xbox 360. Major Nelson listened to a few sample comments from Joystiq readers, and he had a lot to say. (He also gives imaginary "bonus points" to the "Horse Armor song" commenter.)

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GameJunkieJim4262d ago

...always seems to hold the community in high regard.

Gambero4262d ago

yeah major nelson is high's too bad the prices on the bundles are so high for GH2....i was looking forward to getting some songs =(

GameJunkieJim4262d ago

I spent 1500 points on them last night.

Stellar is hard, BTW.

BlackCountryBob4261d ago

Gamecentral (a gamezine on teletext in the UK) worked out that to get all the songs from Guitar Hero 1 in the downloadable content for the 360 would cost £68 with them bundled at 3 songs for M$500. What a rip off, especially when the game is already £30 more than the PS2 version.

Game developer - "xbox gamers will pay a a stupid price for any old tat so lets rip them off." Not this gamer mate, shove your overpriced plastic guitar where the sun don't shine!

Adamalicious4262d ago

Comparing the song pricing to iTunes or the like ($.99 a song) is ridiculous. Can I burn it on a cd? No. Can I play it on my iPod? No. Almost all of them aren't even the original recordings! $2 for a cover?!? The logic really breaks down.

I'm sure their hands are tied to a certain degree because of licensing, but someone has to take the hit here.

FreeMonk4261d ago

The problem with the Guitar Hero 2 D'loadable Content is that you can't choose what tracks you want to download. You have to download a pack, which is most cases only contain 1 or 2 tracks you want, leaving you paying for a track you don't want.

Major said it'd be a nightmare to release them all seperatly, which is just an excuse because the tracks are around 12mb each, and the amount of other crap they put on Live, these shouldn't be a problem to upload seperatly.

Sort it out MS....and Red Octane, get Black Sabbath's IRON MAN uploaded! It's the only one I REALLY want!