Review: Boom Boom Rocket

Eurogamer asks wheres next for rhythm action? We've already got guitars, drums, bongos, microphones and carpets with arrows on clogging up our front rooms.

If anyone can figure it out, surely it's Bizarre Creations, the company whose last Xbox Live Arcade game was so good and so cheap that it made all the other Xbox Live Arcade games look like overpriced derivative nonsense - including the ones that weren't overpriced derivative nonsense. Boom Boom Rocket, developed from an idea thought up at Electronic Arts, is their solution, promising to inherit the simplicity and obsession with high scores that made Geometry Wars so good.

Score: 7/10

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Extra Guy4262d ago

Forget reviews the game is amazing and really fun to play. It's a steal for the price it is, not to mention further downloadable content for an arcade game (prays it isn't like GH3)