Wii Bowling Ball – CTA refuses to pay if your strap snaps!

CTA Digital decided that there aren't enough destroyed TVs in the world. Enter, the Wii Bowling Ball!

And if your strap snaps, or you don't wear it, tough luck. 'Cause they say so.

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GrE-Jace3595d ago

I'm waiting for the first fatality from this peripheral.

Kaecyus3595d ago

Will it be declared a strike?

bgrundman3595d ago

If these things can cause so much damage, why do they release them to begin with?

UnwanteDreamz3595d ago

For what I paid for my HDTV's I'd shoot you for coming near one with this thing.

locos853595d ago

Who would buy this? If you would want to simulate bowling that bad just go play real bowling. Monday's its $1.25 a game

Tarasque3595d ago

Man i want some blue ball's to go with my Wii.

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Neco5123595d ago

That's crazy that they're trying to post all kinds of warnings and get out of any legal ties

CrAppleton3595d ago

If their sh!t breaking causes it to fly through your tv.. how can they not accept blame for that??

reluctant_gamer3595d ago

Hello giant hole in the wall. Honestly I don't know what is worse, companies that make this crap OR people who actually buy it.

Transporter473595d ago

well your know what i think its both of them, because hell if people didn't buy it then there wouldn't be one and vise versa

MetalGearBear 3595d ago

wii bowl ball is ugly as hell!!!!!

Spolodaface3595d ago

Sounds like a gamble. Either you break your TV, or Daniel Day-Lewis drinks up all your milkshake.

A lose-lose situation.

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