Top 10 Controversial Games

The videogame industry has been on the target of mainstream-media/critics for provoking violence, etc, etc from time to time. There are dozens of videogames that have been a moot point with creating lot of controversies.

The games that have been tagged with controversial games are generally Shooter or action/adventure genre that have been held responsible for provoking violence or nurturing aggression in the kids playing these games.

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Torch4268d ago


-Postal (circa '97???), where you're a nut-job in a trench coat who, as the character puts it, "regrets nothing", and who's purpose is nothing more than to wander around and blow away innocent by-standers of all sorts.

-The FIRST GTA (although relatively benign to what's out there today, it's what stirred the pot of controversy for the series in the first place.)

-Mortal Kombat (primarily due to the blood and violent actions/fatalities.)

-Double Dragon (yes, the original arcade one from the '80's)Specifically the part at the beginning where the gang member elbows and kidnaps the twins' shared(!) girlfriend. When the bad guy hauls her over her shoulder, you can get a glimpse of her panties (watch out...pornography alert!)

Wow, times have changed quite a bit since then. 'Desensitization' is an understatement. Controversial or not, some of these titles are amongst my favorite all-time games.

Ah, good times, good times!

InMyOpinion4268d ago

And what about Commando Libya for the C64? =)

Odiah4268d ago

The guy can't even write properly and doesn't go into enough detail about each game.

kewlkat0074268d ago

Got the politicians involved...

fenderputty4268d ago

They list a game with two clothed guys kissing as more controverisal then a game about ethnic cleansing! Seriously ... killing Jews, Black and Mexicans for no good reason is much worse then all of the games. I thought the Christian Comando game was kinda funny though. Those freakin' right wingers.

MySwordIsHeavenly4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Left Behind: Eternal Forces is in no way endorsed by the Christian community. They see it as a bias piece of crap. No actual Christian ever forced someone to convert. That's like saying Charles Darwin forced his theories on others. He too was a Christian at one point in his life...but when his wife and children died, he looked for an excuse to hate God <the real story of evolution. God creates man. Man disobeys. God sends son to save man. Man turns back completely. God still loves man.

The Left Behind book series is actually a good read...but the movies suck and obviously so does that game.

BTW...that game was made by Left-Winged Liberals that have no idea what it means to be a Christian...

Of course...some people are dumb enough to believe there's no God because bad things happen in the world. If you have to ask yourself that question, you really haven't researched anything have you? Bad things are a direct result of sin...and we caused that, not him. Honestly, can anyone READ these days???

InMyOpinion4268d ago

Religion is bs m8. You're the ones who start wars (born again christian president who can't separate politics from religion). Without religion the world would be a better place with less prejudice. Your comment reminds me of a documentary called Jesus Camp.

Also, you're lying - which is a sin I think.

"No actual Christian ever forced someone to convert."

"During the 15th century, Jews in Spain were frequently pressured into converting to Christianity. This culminated in their expulsion from Spain in 1492. Subsequently, in 1497, the Jews in Portugal were forcibly converted to Christianity." - Wikipedia

And did you forget about the Crusades during the 13th century?

"some people are dumb enough to believe there's no God because bad things happen in the world."

Some people are dumb enough to believe theres is a thing called God with the only proof being an old collection of faerytales...

eepiccolo4267d ago

He said no ACTUAL Christian ever forced someone to convert. People who claim to be Christians but try and forcibly convert other people do not understand the true basis of Christianity. They're just using Christianity as an "excuse" to wield undue power, and "justify" themselves by saying "God is on my side."

Unfortunately, it's idiots like this that make people like Jenzo hate Christianity. But Jenzo, you need to realize that you are doing the exact same thing: passing judgment. What gives you any more right to pass judgment on a person? Is it because you don't believe in God? How does that make any sense at all?

As for your other statement, religion doesn't cause prejudice; The human heart causes prejudice. Go look up psychological studies and you'll see that, on average, religious people are both happier and healthier than those that are not.

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