GTA IV (PC) : Patch Released

Rockstar Games have updated Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC yet again with patch Version This is just a small patch dubbed "Maintenance Patch" which is apparently getting the game ready for a larger update. Here are the notes:

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MajorgamerQc3596d ago

No Sli support yet? What are the devs doing?!?!

Charmers3596d ago

There has been SLI support in GTA 4 since patch 1. Rockstar have stated that "update 1 AND using at least the 180.84 driver from Nvidia will enable SLI with GTA 4".

As for this "larger update to come" I would love to know who is spreading this rubbish. This "maintenance update" is a small update to bring existing copies into line with the new retail master disc they are producing it has nothing to do with a "larger update to come".

Wayward3596d ago

The alt source points out; It's more than likely this is the last update rather than the one before a much bigger update.

Hey Its Me Again3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Uh no. SLI support was *never* added. Get your facts correct. Yes, there's a SLI profile in Nvidia drivers, but that's a half-assed version. The game does NOT take advantage of dual GPUs; it's not supported natively. I have SLI, I know this and ask anyone else who does. It's well known. Look at COD series, Crysis, DMC4.. etc for real SLI support.

The only thing it does support is Crossfire, simply because it's much easier to implement. Lazy Rockstar... they always screw the PC gamers.