Top Five Underrated Industry People and Companies

Putting together a list of the video game industry's most overrated people was easy says Underrated, however, proved a bit more challenging. Theoretically, all developers deserve a mention, seeing as how publishers receive most of the credit. With that being said, GameDaily put together its own top five. Proceed to disagree.

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Vojkan4265d ago

I like the list, especially number 1 :-)

calderra4265d ago

Wow... this list is so wrong, I don't ever know where to start... Bill Gates is UNDER-rated? Yeah. The most powerful, widely known, non-actor and non-governmental man in the world is underrated. Sure. Let's go with that.

The whole article invalidated itself right there. I can't even BEGIN to address arguements with picking Evolution Studios in a mere forum post. Motorstorm has never been the biggest PS3 title- ever. FF, MGS, etc all loom large over the project. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it being outsold by Resistance anyway? Why aren't the Resistance devs getting a nod?

Terrible article.

techie4265d ago

Because Insomniac aren't underated! They are one of the most respected devs in the industry!!! Evolution are underated because they are new on the block and pulled out a gold card with Motorstorm.

shotputking4265d ago

bill gates is known to the public as a pure video game developer, and the mastermind behind the xbox 360. oh wait, he's not?? he's a backer who's contributions are not as much in the foreground as they should be in the xbox community? oh... so the guy who is more about profits than any other person in the world is alright with LOSING money to further the cause of microsofts video game operations.

good point about the resistance devs though... it takes one hell of a team to make a cookie cutter fps, that's for sure. that must have been one intense brainstorming session...
for an offroad racing game to get as many rave reviews and cause as much excitement as motorstorm, those guys did phenomenal.

techie4265d ago

"it takes one hell of a team to make a cookie cutter fps, that's for sure." Leave it out sonny. I've yet to experience it but from what I hear it seems to be very underated, especially the online. 40 players on screen at the same time? No lag? Sounds amazing to me.

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Odiah4265d ago

TOSE should have been number one. Anyone else agree?

gooner4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

and prob started to cry at no 1 lol

MySwordIsHeavenly4265d ago

I agree with number 1. People forget how much they've done for gaming. What has Microsoft done for gaming?

Insomniac is NOT underrated. They made the most highly-acclaimed platformer in the world: Ratchet and Clank. They just made a freakin' SWEET FPS. Resistance is amazing. You all don't like it because it doesn't have GOW's graphics. 40-players online with NO LAG whatsoever. A launch game with NO glitches??? They said if they had had time before launch, they would have made the cut-scenes stream flawlessly with the game itself without loading...because it was possible, but they didn't have enough time. That would have been a HUGE landmark for an FPS. They also didn't get time to improve the graphics. I'm sure it could have looked BETTER than GOW...there just wasn't enough time.

After I dissed Microsoft...most of you turned a deaf ear, why do I even bother?

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