Sony Continues 20 Gig PS3 in Japan

It seems that Sony Computer Entertainment currently plans on continuing to sell the 20 Gig model in Japan. When asked about the decision to drop the lower end model from North American retail, a representative of SCE told, "We're currently not considering changes akin to North America. However we would like to react flexibly with the market."

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zonetrooper54260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

If you go to teamxbox and read the comments about this, its funny. I've always thought of the 2-GB PS3 system to be the retard pak, much like the Core system for the Xbox 360.

Why are they only selling it in Japn, seems kinda weird.

Vojkan4260d ago

I wouldn't compare 20gb PS3 with crap like core pack 360. That's just to funboyish! Anyway if i am not mistaken "only" difference between 20gb and 60gb is of course HDD and no Wi-Fi in 20gb. Since Japanese don't care about on-line that's probably not big deal for them and they are buying it probably more than in NA. In NA NO ONE IS BUYING 20gb but when Sony pulls it of the market everyone is like "WOW they did what? OMG Sony sucks" and other brainless crap

calderra4260d ago

...the ONLY difference between Core and Pro is the hard drive, which is sold for $100, the exact difference in price between the two SKUs. Buy a hard drive for the Core, and there is no difference whatsoever between the boxes (except for chrome finish on the Pro, of course). I still don't get how people can whine so much about the core- slap on a hard drive, you've got a Pro. Ta-da!

On that same note, why the hell are people so desperate to get the 60GB PS3? Virtually nobody has Wi-Fi in most areas of the world (2% or less of the population, maybe?), so the only difference is hard drive size. And most people are thus paying $100 extra, when virtually no one has any clue at all how much of that drive they'd ever wind up using- how many consumers really know about games pre-installing content to the HD, for example? Probably not the Average Joe Consumer.

I just don't get it. On either side.
And more article-related, the 20GB is a total face in Japan. Some stores trade the 20GB in for cheaper than a 360 because it's so unwanted. Of all the territories to keep the 20GB in, why Japan?

zonetrooper54260d ago

I really don't think the Japanese would not care about online, seeing as they have faster broadband then here in the UK and in the USA. Anyways the 20GB and Core pack are crap to be honest, i think both should be scrapped. Good thing is Sony did scrap the 20GB model. I just wish that MS would drop the core pack.

Vojkan4260d ago

Once again don't compare 20gb PS3 with core pack 360. 20gb owns it.
And since you think"I really don't think the Japanese would not care about online" it just shows how little you know. Japanese don't care about on-line or multiplayer gaming i think even my 10 year brother knows that.

zonetrooper54260d ago

If the japanese really didn't care about online gamaing, internet, movie downloads then why would they have up to 50mb connections, unlike in the UK and USA where the max is around 10mb or maybe a little bit more. If there where more games which appealed to the Japanese and had online play then you would see alot of Japanese people playing online on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

sajj3164260d ago

Just because the Japs have 50mb connections doesn't mean they are interested in online gaming. They might be interested in movie downloads, music, high def streams ... but gaming hasn't really caught on.

Its really the industry that should push this if they believe that going online is a core aspect of next gen gaming. In my opinion, I think it rests in the hands of Nintendo. If Nintendo pushed online gaming through the Wii and DS ... I think the market in Japan would be more welcome to online games.

kewlkat0074260d ago

MMORPG's like FF online, I don't think there are many games that appeal to the japanese online. I wonder if there are a big selection that play WOW ? Plus, I heard they don't like to pay much for online services.

Since the 20Gb is dead here in the states, maybe I should pick one up. The differences between the 60 & 20 is not big enough for me, if I was going to purchase one. Don't care for movies, or Wifi.

ITR4260d ago

Lower price and better looks.
I hate that chrome on the 60GB.
If only Sony would include Wifi with the 20GB.