Rumor: StarCraft 2 Beta By Year's End?

Put on your skeptical goggles because rumors are swirling that StarCraft 2 is finally a reality. The Team Liquid forums have translated an article from Korean site Fighter Forum that says StarCraft 2 is on the way and a beta will be released at the end of 2007. According to Fighter Forum, StarCraft 2 continues the story of the original and adds a new race based on Kerrigan, making a total of four races.

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Tyrael4298d ago

Until official word is released from Blizzard, dont believe anything. Im still killing myself over the wait for Diablo 3...

kornbeaner4298d ago

I hope this is true. But after Ghost got scraped and this game actually had gameplay shown to the world , I don't want to get my hopes up to high.

specialguest4298d ago

StarCraft was one of the best RTS games ever. It has almost been 10 years(yes!10 freakin years) and no sequel yet. What's going on Blizzard? Why are you depriving your loyal StarCraft fans of a sequel?

SRuN44298d ago

they're afraid they wont be able to live up to the first game, seriously how could you?

MK_Red4298d ago

Wow, this is the best gaming news in months. StarCraft returns! But why Kerrigan is not a mix of Terran & Zerg? Does this have something to do with Overmind?

BBsin4297d ago

Enough with the RPGs!!!! there needs to be a StarCraft2 teaser or trailer by E3. Diablo 3 would be fine and all but it's starcraft's turn for a sequel.

Zerg + Protoss??? imagine dealing with zergling rushes when they have protoss shields on them O_o

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