Prey demo re-dated

From OXM: "Balls, beers and 30 degree climate; that was the forecast this weekend even before Microsoft dropped the announcement that the rescheduled Prey demo was arriving on Xbox Live Marketplace this Sunday, 2nd July.

The demo, which was supposed to available for download nearly a fortnight ago, was delayed due to being still "in testing" at Microsoft, according to 3DR President George Broussard. But he believed the delay "could be as long as a few days." "

Scrooge6178d ago

Why even give us a date? It will just make us mad when they make us wait all day this sunday until they post the demo at 11:59 pm. I've stopped getting excited about these demo announcements because these douchebags can't commit to a date.

Nodoze6178d ago

Wonder what region the demo will be released for? Will MS exclude North America again? Will it even be released.....

I am with Scrooge in that MS has let us down WAY too many times to even take this new story at face value!

zypher6178d ago

took long enough (if indeed it doesn't get delayed...AGAIN). not really into fps', but this one looks promising. i at least wanna try it before i buy it.

Noxel6178d ago

Nodoze and Scrooge, you two are the biggest ass hats i've ever seen. Ungrateful ignorant assholes. You guys gotta understand that Microsoft does not choose where content is released, it all depends on the countries laws and such. Secondly it's not Microsofts fault for not releasing the Prey demo earlier, it's the publishers and developers fault. Thirdly, Microsoft simply wants to provide it's users with the best experience. If they released it a few weeks ago, i'm sure it would've been full of bugs and such and would've caused problems. Then you guys would come along crying and screaming "Microsoft you fcuked up my Xbox!!11 Give me my money back!!!..etc"

Give them a break, fcuk, just be happy that Microsoft isn't as bad as Sony -- providing false information and such.

Nodoze6178d ago

There is no reason to get nasty in your blatant attempt to defend what is obviously an internal MS problem. Do you care to explain how the delay is in any way related to the developer/publisher? They released code complete demo content to MS weeks ago, and still no certification. When the associated developer is not given a time frame it points to a process flaw. If I as the developer cannot be given a time frame, or even an explanation from ANYONE at MS as to where my demo is with respect to certification whose fault is that?? Now if MS published the process behind certifying the associated content that is posted, that's another story, but even Major Nelson in clueless to the process and what is involved.

I understand and appreciate the MS philosophy behind a a trouble free demo experience, but there is no logic behind the process of making customers wait when the demo release is widely announced.

In respect to local laws, HTF does this have any bearing at all? The console itself through parental controls limits access to content to potential underage players. Additionally what law is in place to prevent a publisher from posting the content to the internet...short answer is none (it has been available for the PC for some time).

The next time you wish to start a debate, refrain from name calling (it simply outlines your lack of intelligence) and make some valid points!

Scrooge6178d ago

No, I'm sure you've seen bigger ass hats.

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