First-party PS3 titles dominate Italian and Spanish top ten

PlayStation 3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man continues to prove popular in the European charts, while Sony's other first-party launch titles are also performing strongly on the continent.

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Robert223884266d ago



They're here... the Xbots are HEEEERE!!


That being said, let the lame xbot posts begin

(note, the fact that you are reading this and are not a PS3 supporter only proves my point that all you do is search out these stories to flame)

SlippyMadFrog4266d ago

Strange, this news topic has nothing to do with Xbox or Xbox supporters but still you come one here and bad mouth them. I guess that makes you equal to the lamest xbox supporters you described.

Robert223884265d ago

You just proved my point :)

MaximusPrime4266d ago

great news for PS3.

PS3 is king of Europe.

Yep, brace yourselves, Xbox 360 (the one that make scrambled eggs) supporters are coming.

Torch4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Viva il Playstation Tre per sempre!!!


Question: Can anyone confirm whether the Playstation network is shared universally amongst all users world-wide?

i.e., can a user in Canada add/interact/play with users from Italy or other parts of the world, or are the networks mutually exclusive to each region?

lil bush4266d ago

R:fom is a great game, but does anybody know how much copies they sold worldwide,cause it remains on the top 5 here in the us, and europe its like #1. so does anybody know?........

techie4266d ago

1.2 million after Euro launch. :)

Torch4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

but I've gotta ask simply out of curiosity: Do you ever sleep???

I myself habitually sleep only about 4-5 hours per day max, but knowing that your timezone is five hours ahead of mine, I find it outstanding and head-scratching that you're posts are always only minutes old, whether it's my morning, afternoon, or late evening.

Good God, the man's not human!!! ;)

BLADESTAR: Your comment actually made me chuckle out loud...after the joke finally sunk in (cut me some slack; I'm sleep deprived, remember?) Hey, nothing wrong with some harmless, anger-free rib-poking, right?

BIadestarX4266d ago

It's not rare for Sony PR agents to use the same account login.

techie4266d ago

At the moment no. I do not sleep. I stay up until 6 am doing my work (and procrastinating)...but I do sleep from 6am until about 12pm lol. Yuh good hours.

Bladestar. Good one :)

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calderra4266d ago

Hasn't everyone been saying for over a year that Spain was one of the biggest pro-Sony countries in the world, and that regardless of what Sony launched, it would certainly sell out there regardless? Not to rain on the parade, but this has been expected for quite some time, and was frequently used by the pro-360 crowd as a big tell-tale of when Sony fans would be going to their fallback positions. As in, "when people make a big deal about Spain, you know they're looking for any news they can get". It's best for everyone to take this result with a grain of salt.

...and Gears of War has sold ~4million copies. Resistance is selling well, but not THAT well.

Counter_ACT4266d ago

How can you compare a game which has been out longer worldwide and is for a year old console to a few month old console/game which just got released in Europe a few weeks ago?

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The story is too old to be commented.