Necessary Force Site Being Updated

IncGamers reports that the official site for Necessary Force, the open-world game under development at the beleaguered Midway Newcastle studios, is still being updated despite the threat of closure.

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syrinx3594d ago

Looks like they are hedging their bets in case it closes so it can ber picked up by someone else.

Leord3594d ago

Is that good or bad news?

Maticus3594d ago

Good news for everyone then.

Dorjan3594d ago

The word I would use to describe what that trailer is...


'nuff said.

DecoyOctopus3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

this game looks awesome i love the cartoonish noir style

AndyA3594d ago

Yup, the art style is cool. Not sure about the whole "loose-cannon" cop angle though. Been done to death.


would like to see this game on the market