Rumor: Final Fantasy Dissidia XIII?

Square Enix has registered "Dissidia" in the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 6. The usual rumors are not late to come: French website Final Fantasy World claims "Dissidia" might be the 5th installment in the Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise because it is a Latin word. The Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise already includes Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII, Agito XIII and Haeresis XIII.

Forever Fantasy did their own researched to validate the registration of "Dissidia" in the patent office by Square Enix and found out it's true (You can view the screenshots using 'Read more').

Perhaps the "New Title Announcement" in the upcoming event, Square Enix Party 2007, will clear things up. Only time will tell.

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Robert223884264d ago

I wish they would stop releasing promotional pictures and copyrighting new game names and actually START WORKING ON THE GAMES!

Seriously, at this rate we will see these games when? 2010?

Most of the interviews say they have BARELY even begun work on Versus, now they announch Haeresis and Dissidia nearly in the same month. I know SquareEnix is big and cool and all, but 5 games at once? (Let me rephrase that, 5 FINAL FANTASY games at once)

We all know how long it takes them to make and release just 1 FF. Now lets multipy it by 5.

God, at this rate we'll NEVER see a Kingdom Hearts III!

soul4264d ago

That's not too true. Both FFXIII and Versus XIII and to be released by the end of 2008 in Japan. Besides, Square Enix did not say anything about Haeresis and Dissidia: Those are probably in early development stages, and people somehow found out about them.

And you probably didn't hear, but there won't be a "KH 3". Not too soon anyway. There WILL be a new title, but Nomura said it will have a new name. (f.e: KH: The Keyblade War)

Robert223884264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Of course I've heard that, I don't live under a rock.

As for Versus XIII, and XIII. I've only ever heard news on XIII, nothing so far on Versus. Sure, i've seen pictures, but no actual gameplay. Same with XIII, the supposed "gameplay" video they showed was just made to look like that, the gameplay is supposedly very different than what was shown.

Im just tired of hearing about them starting new projects when they haven't even finished the previous ones. It's like, finish one thing, THEN move onto the other.

(Note: as for the 2008 release date you mentioned, there has been no confirmation of that, by any person or company. Most of the stuff we've been hearing about have just been rumors.)

ehandlr4264d ago

Haeresis was patented about a month or 2 after E3 where they first showed us FFXIII trailer. So its probably been in the works for some time.

Counter_ACT4264d ago

Uhm these are FFXIII gameplay screens:



They wouldnt showcase it as real-time if it wasnt.

Robert223884264d ago

SquareEnix and many others have said that those pics were not of "actual" gameplay. Something about the added things to the screen to make it appear to be working in real time, when it really wasn't.

[email protected]4264d ago

Woooooo, another new title. Now that's shocking... well, kinda. But I might on which console this new game will be PSP, DS...?

Counter_ACT4264d ago

If this is real, it isnt a Final Fantasy title because its not mentioned in the trademark!


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