Rare joins Twitter

The once-secretive British dev jumps deep into the community with an unrestrained Twitter feed.

Xbox Avatars Shoe5503d ago

Now all they need to do is join the AAA title club...

Seriously Rare, get it together! Great games have been, uh... "rare" from you guys.

The Biased Gamer5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

Ahemm... You're definitely doing it wrong.

Microsoft is a circus and Rare is a pack of clowns, everything they dish out are jokes!

The Xbox Empire5503d ago

I can't wait to see what Rare is cooking up. They've been working on a couple of games for a while now...hopefully a little Killer Instinct.

beans5503d ago

I'm going to be a little bit disappointed if it's not K3 for the simple fact that it's the one game there fanbase has been asking for.

Freak of Nature5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

I can see it being a "Natal based KI3"...The fan base seem to be really behind a new gen KI...

However for me,I think Rare should bring the Donkey Kong Country/Banjo/Conker style genre to us.Be it new gen sequels or new IP's within the act/adv/platformer genres...I think their strength is in this genre....

If they bring a KI3 or PD2,I think they will be from good to very good,but they will not stand up to the top fighters,or the big name shooters like Halo,Killzone 2,Gears,Modern warfare etc,etc.....They will fall in the tier just below.

But with quirky/stylistic caricature/toon based action/platformers they can stand out,and the 360 needs something,anything in this genre that has a chance of being something special,and rare is the dev house that can do it for them.

They need to go all out,and not just settle for "good enough",they need to strive to be the best if at all possible,retool,look to innovate,create a new game mechanic,twist,advancement in the genre...

Possibly a KI3 natal based game,a new platformer IP with the old Rare charm and style,and a old IP like Conker,Kameo 2 or Banjo threeie with a new gen paint job....