Gran Turismo 5 Gets UK Release Date

Nofi from TheSixthAxis says that GT 5 will be out this year, and gives a retail date for the game in the UK.

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DragonWarrior_43591d ago

I call BS too, but it will be a big blow to Sony if this game isn't released this year. Every christmas that goes by without this game is like bending over and giving the competition permission to to raw dog on Sony.

snaz273591d ago

all i know is gt5 will be truely epic in size and scope, its a day one buy from me, whenever that day may be, hell for this game id even queue up all night outside gamestation, and i wouldnt do that for any game really lol.

Raf1k13591d ago

I doubt its true.

I'd love it if the game actually has real upgrade parts for the cars like one rumor had mentioned.

Syronicus3591d ago

I think Sony would do well by the series to release it spring of next year but I can hope that Fall of this year would work. I want to play this game as bad as the next guy and if this does come true, I will be there day one.

nycredude3591d ago

Dude GT5 has NO competetion. Even if the Gt5 fans buy the other racing games, when Gt5 drops they will STILL buy it so how are they hurting themselves?

locos853591d ago

If this is out this year then my wallet will turn to sh!z again like last year.

SuperM3591d ago

Well it would be very wierd if both God of War3 and GT5 release Spring 2010, because that is literally Sonys 2 biggest franchises, GT5 being the biggest of them all. In my eyes they either have to release it this fall or next fall. So might aswell be this one

marinelife93591d ago

Would be sweet if it did. They keep playing with my emotions.

Picked up GT5 Prologue from Target yesterday for $10.

gaffyh3591d ago

It's a damn place holder date, if it was coming this year, it would have been announced at E3. Whenever it comes I'm buying, don't care how long it takes, I can wait for the best driving game period.

DirtyLary3591d ago

$10 bucks at TARGET!!!! Damn I'm heading there today.

raztad3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

It makes perfect sense.

In first place Sony is releasing exclusives one or two month apart each other (the big ones: R&C, Sigma2, DS, UC2) all of them are slated Fall 09. GT5 is a perfect december/holidays release.

Second, GT5´s director stated GT5 is ready and done, it could get a go whenever they want.

Third, GT PSP will be overshasowed by GT5 if the latter´s release date is annouced too early, so its a smart decision, IMO, to keep it secret until the psp version is out.

Finally, Sony is expecting to sell 13 million PS3s this fiscal year, GT5+GoW3+FFXII(Jap)+... + price cut is the magic formula.

Phatjabba3591d ago

I have seen the release schedule for 2009 and GT will be one of the big 3 - Uncharted, Ratchet, & GT.

2010 Q1 release will be left for Heavy Rain and God Of War

menoyou3591d ago

Gonna go with BS also. However I think it would be amazing if they released at the same time as Forza just to mess with them for all the s*** talking they do.

locos853591d ago

I would expect the GT5 release date to be announced the right after the Portable Version comes out.

jmare3591d ago

Why would they announce it at E3? Wouldn't they be more likely to announce it at TGS, you know, that crazy place where the game is being made and will have a bigger impact than it would at E3. Sony's show had too much going on at E3, GT5 would have over-shadowed everything else at the conference, except maybe TLG. If it does come this year, and I think it will, it will probably be announced at TGS.

Beast_Master3591d ago

Raztad! You said everything I was going to say. I think right now people are able to make a claim that 360 has just as strong a lineup this fall as Sony. But if GT5 drops, then that comparison is gone.

And so are Foza 3's chances of reaching any level of respect. :P

GameGambits3590d ago

The first word that came to my head the second I read that title was the same as all of yours: Bull Sh*t.

It won't happen and anyone high enough on meth to think so needs to check into rehab stat!

JL3590d ago

Yea I'm with everyone else. Bullsh*t. This is just a guess on Play's part. Hardly confirmation. I'll take it as confirmation when PD or Sony come out and tell me when the game is dropping.

That being said, doesn't sound impossible that they end up dropping it this year. Dude did come out and say they already have it finished really and can release it whenever they want at this point. Does make sense too that they don't want to take away GT PSP's thunder and announce GT5 before that one is released. Do wish they'd hurry up and come out with this just because I can't wait, I know it's gonna be awesome. I think it would be funny if they released it same time as Forza 3 just to f*ck with them. I know neither one or the other would effect sales or anything. It's not about that. Just putting it out day and date as Forza 3 would be a funny lil response to all the sh*t talking that Turn 10 has been doing. Just as a way for PD to say (in the words of Tool) "Is this what you wanted, Is this what you had in mind, Cause this is what you're getting, I hope you choke". lol sorry I have a thing for throwing it back in the face of those that just can't keep their mouth shut and do way too much needless sh*t talking like that.

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Counter_ACT3591d ago

They also say that FFXIII is coming out 25/06/2010, doesn't make it true.

LarVanian3591d ago

According to PLAY, Uncharted 2, MAG, Ratchet, White Knight Chronicles, The Agency and Gran Turismo 5 are all set to be released on the same day lol.

doctorstrange3591d ago

That would be such an awesome day

creeping judas3591d ago

Dont mean to sound all fanboyish but here goes......

That would be like black Tuesday in the history books, most PS3 games sold in one day, most people off work and school, the stock exchange would take a dive because no one would be out trading. Man what a day that would be!!!

4pocalyps33591d ago

fvck and im working on that day too....ahh well i can always say i'm ill....*cough* *cough* see?

n4g-gamer3591d ago

LOL creeping judas, if gt 1-4 didnt generate that type of action, GT5 definetely wont. The only game that does that is Halo.

Party Boy3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

GT3 sold more than the first two Halos combined while the PS2 had a 20 something mil install base.

That's how much GT sh1ts on Halo.

n4g-gamer3591d ago

Did it make national news, news about people missing work ? NOPE

GT 5 wont either. Especially not with how unpopular the ps3 is in the US now.

Aclay3591d ago


I think Creeping Judas was just implying that once GT5 drops, it's gonna be HUGE, especially in Europe. It will be really big in Japan as well, and it will move some major systems.

If GT5P (a glorified demo) got over 1 million pre-orders in Europe alone, the impact the full game will have just in Europe will be multiplied many times over.

skullphaze3591d ago

sony shld really release their games far apart from each other. how can a franchise maximize their profits if they have stiff competition within their own company? if gt5 comes out this fall then i knw for sure that MAG will suffer. if gt5 releases next yr spring then heavy rain will suffer (if it comes out then) and gt5 will suffer cuz we all will focus on GoW3. maybe January wld be btr for gt5?

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Erotic Sheep3591d ago

Well it's best to release it when the holidays come. Lots of GT5 bundles will be sold.

Pizzagaki3591d ago

lol, lots of people will be dissapointed after reading the headline of this topic.

skatezero2463591d ago

lol, yea only the ones who take the headline seriously

StanLee3591d ago

I know right. I'm one of them. I ran in here thinking there was a press release or something not place holder dates from Play. SMH!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

From 'Play' internet shop??? ;-D ;-D ;-D

If SONY don't say it(i.e gives us a OFFICIAL date)then it's just ALL BS this stuff!!! ;)

Phatjabba3591d ago

I've been telling people that I have seen the release schedule for 2009 and GT IS COMING OUT THIS YEAR. Look for an annoucment about GT + PS3 slim around TGS.

If I wasn't bound by NDA I would be spillin the beans on everything.

blackbeld3591d ago

Agree... Ken....... We will see... for now we have enough great exclusive games already...