Wii Update

Some of you who leave your Wii connected via connect24 should find that your Wii is glowing blue this morning. An update was deployed last night, with fixes to the shop, browser and parental controls.

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Sphinx4263d ago

Yeah, my wife grabbed me and showed me the glowing blue Wii and said, "I think the cats turned it on," then her eyes got wide, "is it broken?". I told her it probably downloaded an update or something, or we got a message.

cuco334263d ago


your wife rocks. ill do this update when i get home

ItsDubC4263d ago

Ya the browser's pretty nice. Now I can waste some time on =)

I like how Nintendo manages to keep release dates for things like this a secret. I knew the update was coming in April but didn't hear an exact date. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised every once in a while.

Mighty Boom4263d ago

I woke up for work this morning and my Wii was sure enough glowing! Now I kno why!

r10004263d ago

I downloaded this last night... But i didn't see the internet channel...

Super Paper Mario is a funny game BTW

Mighty Boom4263d ago

Does the Wii only glow if it gets an update?

szeuner4263d ago

It glows when you get email from either other people on your list or in the case of last night an email from nintendo. In the email you can click the update button. You still need to go into the shop channel and get the interner browser.

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