Halo 2 vs. Halo 3 Comparison

Video comparison of Halo 2 and Halo 3.

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power of Green 4298d ago

Its amazing how powerful next-gen consoles are WoW! the Alpha built of Halo 3 puts Halo 2 to shame. Can't wait!.

zantetsuken4298d ago

i'm not seeing a difference.

ben hates you4298d ago

thats what happens when your a fanboy

dantesparda4298d ago

It doesnt look bad, but nothing as good as i would have figured (even if it is in alpha state). I mean i will wait and see how the finished product looks, and also how the single player looks. But thus far, not that impressive. It just looks like a res'ed up, colored up version of part 2.

dantesparda4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

You know, you talk alot of sh!t right!? who cares how many awards its got, if you dont like it, then you dont like it. And no amount of awards will change that for somebody. I like Halo, i really liked the 1st one, and i also liked the second one (though not as much). And i just dont think that this game is looking that impressive at this point. PERIOD! (i mean it doesnt look horrible, but just not as impressive as i would have thought). That doesnt make me a 360 hater (i own one for christ sake!) it just means, im not impressed. Just cuz you dont like something, doesnt mean you're a hater of it. And another thing you need to consider is that Halo is big within the Xbox world, but its not that big a deal to you if you are outside that world. And you know if you take the Xbox and 360's sales is like only 35 million worldwide at best. And thats not that big in comparison to the world of PS2, Gameboy, Nintendo or the PC world. But no, to you 360 fanboys, the whole world is just Xbox. And i've owned the Xbox and thought it was the best and own the 360 and do think its better than the PS3 thus far and like Halo. Im still saving judgement for when it done. but thus far, i am just not that impressed. And you fanboys need to stop being so defensive and then turning offensive in order to protect/defend your beloved 360 (fvcking sweating bastards!). You people do realize that its just videogames, right? Why would grown adults be fighting and defending video game systems so ferverntly? Only little kids do that, and if that offends you, then Im sorry, but its the truth. Do you see adults fighting about video games?


You're absolutely right, there are alot of adults who do this too, and are very immature for their age.

@Power of Green
"Envy"? envious of what? i got the 360 so i can get it if i want it, but i am not sold yet, so i aint got nothing to worry about nd actually my second post wasnt directed at you, back rather at somebody else further down, but i fvcked up and ended up posting it here instead

ItsDubC4298d ago

Well-said dantesparda, I think fanboyism is generally a teen phenomena. I do know a few adult fanboys, but these adults generally act pretty immature for their age. Just my personal experience.

power of Green 4298d ago

You guys got all that from that simple post!? and you're trying to teach me about Fanboyism. lol

Sounds like Fanboy envy to say the least. I can't be happy the game looks far more detailed already!? with out being attacked with envyuos malice and Fanboy fanatic hate. WoW have a nice day!.

zantetsuken4298d ago

Only fanboys throw out that word, douchebag.

Rockstar4298d ago

I see a difference.

Halo 2 looks better.

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DJ4298d ago

The rock-solid framerate, the intense physics, the shear amount of things going on at once. Halo 3 Alpha is an unprecedented leap in gaming pleasure. *smirk*

Halo 3's alpha version sucks balls. We get it. God of War didn't look all that hot once it reached alpha status either. This was obviously just a ploy to put down the 360. Any sort of comparison is BS until we get retail copies of both Halo games side-by-side.

InMyOpinion4298d ago

That's what I think about most games. It don't matter what they look like on screens etc until you see the retail version with your own eyes.

power of Green 4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

I wouldn't be suprized if you were the one who posted this vid because you wanted to make a point. You don't see a difference get your eyes checked or watch the vid-doc on a HDTV LCD.

What ever *smirk* although you're right about the comparisons of 5th and 6th generation titles one being in Alpha. Enviroments have plenty of time to improve but to say the back grounds and the little paint Halo 3 does have; looks like Halo 2 is moronic at best.

DJ no need to *Smirk* Matter of fact those are some of the things Bungie said that will most stand out when players fire up Halo 3 the sheer amount of charectors on screen etc. lol Check the site out, nice of you to bring that up. Heres a blurry shot of Halo 3 or is it Halo 2? J/K and even though i seen the vid-doc on a LCD its still just a low quality vid of Halo3 Alpha posted on XBL as most doc vids are compared to the final disc quality.

I can't believe Sony fans are so desperate they're starting to attack games by comparing them to 5th generation titles.

Cutnell4298d ago

Did you not see that all DJ said was that comparison was worthless until they were both retail builds of the games. He even went so far as to say, "This was obviously just a ploy to put down the 360." I know DJ is being sarcastic through most of his comment, but good god, he didn't say anything that was that offensive. Except for maybe the fact that God of War also looked crappy in alpha build...

I must say I was very unimpressed. The sheer numbers of enemies on screen, physics, etc were just not there enough to impress me, as this is HALO 3!!....Supposedly God's gift to all of us XBOX owners. I am hoping this game will live up to all the hype and more because that's the only way I will retire my copy of halo 2. At this point, I'm unimpressed. I mean seriously, R:FOM has had the sheer numbers on screen, decent physics and detail, decent weapons, etc for a while now. If the game were released in this state, I would buy a PS3.....

NextGen24Gamer4298d ago

The alpha version of Halo 3 blows away the final version of Halo 2. Bungie always puts out a product that is clearly better than whats on the market....Halo blew everything out the box graphically and tech wise...all the awards speak for themselves....and Halo 2 did the same thing when it launched.....And from the looks of the alpha halo 3 on my HD tv via xbox live download.....Halo 3 will once again set the bar.....But with exteme and ultimate success comes extreme far and few "haters" who can't stand all the Mid 9 to 10 reviews for both Halo 1 and 2....They can't stand how gamers have played millions of hours online for Halo 2 for years.....they can't stand all the awards it swept....they can't stand how incredible it sold....14 million between Halo 1 and 2. The Halo franchise is Huge and "haters" will always bash it based on extreme jealousy and an obvious hate for Microsoft. I love my Sony lab top, My ps3 blu ray player, my sony cam corder, ect.....I also love my windows vista and my xbox 360. Is that ok DJ? ha ha ha ha there some rule against enjoying everything I spend my money on? Is there some secret fanboy rule that prevents you from enjoying more than ONE companies products? Is it ok that I like my 360 for Games and media center, and HD dvd.....and I enjoy my ps3 for my extensive blu ray collection? Is that ok DJ?

Dukester1014298d ago

looks very good, very detailed, and very action packed. i cant wait to get my hands on this "next-gen" version of Halo. although i dont like the idea of the X button feature (bubble shield mainly), as it doesnt seem halo-esque to me, and nothing near revolutionary...

all the gameplay looks great, and like an action packed, non-stop piece of film... i really cant wait