What Happened To Metal Slug 7 For Xbox Live Arcade?

Garou: Mark of the Wolves comes out on Xbox Live Arcade this summer. Garou was announced with a slew of other SNK developed XBLA games like The King of Fighters: Sky Stage, which doesn't even have a release date.

Metal Slug 7 was previously announced as an Xbox Live Arcade game, but it was missing from the list. So, "Spencer" from inquired about it. Robert Macchiaverna, Acquisitions Manager at Ignition Entertainment, explained "It is still happening, but I believe that's scheduled to be a 2010 title." Ignition published Metal Slug 7 on the DS (pictured) in North America and has a close relationship with SNK. "Ultimate Match ['98] is coming out this year, but Metal Slug is not," Macchiaverna continued.

Just one more year. Maybe a two-thirds of year until co-op Slug Gigant action.

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qface644075d ago

this game was a blast i still wonder why they didn't add wifi and multiplayer

if the 360 version had multiplayer i would consider buying it again
only problem is the length though kinda short
price as well