OXCGN Spins Up The Ashes 2009 News

OXCGN wrote:
"With various sports titles coming out every year, there is one sport that is consistently overlooked in the sports genre scene, Cricket.

Ashes Cricket 2009 is fully licensed by Cricket Australia, the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) and the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club, the world's most famous cricket club and owner of the Ashes urn), providing the most authentic Cricket game ever.

The Australian Team recently had hands on with the game, and going by their banter and impressions, I'm sure we can expect a top quality Cricket experience on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Some of the great features of Ashes Cricket 2009 include..."

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XboxOZ3604972d ago

Not a huge cricketing fan, but it is great to see the games advancing like this. Especially when sportsmen do make valid comments about the gameplay.

It will be a hit in Europe and UK as well as India I'm sure. As that is the heart and soul of cricket.

darkmurder4972d ago

I sure hope so but the way Australia is playing at the moment I'm not too sure everyone would want to rush out and buy this, unless of course they win the Ashes :P.

DoctorQ4972d ago

but i just cant look a cricket ball in the eye and say 'no' its just such a good game, that, and cricket balls dont have eyes, lol

Beth3o4972d ago

ive seen you try, lol

Beth3o4972d ago

cant wait to play this, i hope its as good as you guys say

Superfragilistic4972d ago

But I'd love a good cricket game and this looks like a great improvement with much more depth on the bowling/fielding side.

Would also love the resurrection of Jonah Lomu rugby from PS1 days. I loved that game to death. :D

gaminoz4972d ago

It's nice they include this sport but where is the 360/PS3 Rugby League game? :)

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