God of War's Countdown Finally Ends

God of War fans don't have to wait any longer. The mysterious countdown at has ended. The site, dubbed "Island of Rhodes" has had fans intrigued for a few weeks now. The URL was discovered by a gamer that reached an incredible 999,999 hit combo in the latest release, God of War II. Hit the jump for answers.

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Robert223884304d ago

This is going to dissapoint ALOT of people.

This was such a stupid hype scheme.

I've never even played a GOW game and I'M pissed off at this stunt.

Loopy4304d ago

It's related to GOW2, why wouldn't it be otherwise?
These are bonus not included in the 2nd dvd of the game.
Only hardcore players would be willing to do a 999,999 hit combo, so a bonus like this can be fun.

Those disappointed are the one who thought it would be something else than GOW2.

Karebear4304d ago

I love hearing behind the scenes commentary and such. Wasn't near as exciting as some of the guesses people made at it though!

Let me be the first to suggest... maybe there's a secret code in the words used by the designers! Maybe if we took the first letters of all their words and spelled it out in Greek, then converted to Latin, then to English... yes it all makes sense now! Kratos founded the Priory of Scion! *giggles and walks off to watch the fight*

kornbeaner4304d ago

and this just bummed me out. I was expecting something more hype worthy.
Unlockable ending or a video showing the complete ending (those who played the game know what am talking about)

Just something, even a patch for the PS3 that would let you play the game in 720p or 1080p would've been more hype pleasing.

AS it stand the extra commentary is cool but not for a month and a half worth of waiting time.

power0919994304d ago

I think this is something everyone should be happy about. They didn't have to do this at all.

You beat GoWar I and you got a secret phone number to call. GoWar II gave you a website with some cool content.

You guys are expecting too much from these people, that are working REALLY hard to give you guys something other than just a video game.

Just my .02

kornbeaner4304d ago

but at the same time when something gets a countdown you just expect more from it. Let's say DEC 31,2007 rolls around countdown starts.

10....9...8...7..6...5...4..3 ...2..1...0....Happy ne....................... Wait it's still 2007? then what was the count down for?

The game was great and a blast to finish, I guess I just expected to much.

techie4304d ago

Lol it was good. Was that info on the dvd? Can't have been I'm sure. The site might be updated every now and again. I think it was a good idea and they did keep a very tight lid on it (and I mean very tight). i guess they didn't want to spoil the surprise, bless em.

eclipsegryph4304d ago

I don't think any of that stuff was on the DVD. It's all completely new.

Thus, I think this is pretty damn cool. :)