Ghostbusters controversy - blown out of proportion?

Europe-Nintendo writes "It has been reported by many sites that the PS3 version of the game was rendered at 75% of the resolution that the 360 version is. And then it was reported that there was a mistake, and that the PS3 version was actually a mere 56% (!) of the 360 version's resolution. Based on this, it's safe to say that the PS3 version of Ghostbusters is inferior to the 360 version (even Terminal Reality themselves admitted it). But exactly how inferior is the PS3 version? Is it enough to make the average Ghostbusters fan/PS3 owner want to get a 360, or is it even noticeable? This is what you're (hopefully) going to find out from this article."

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techie5211d ago

May I ask in ALL seriousness...how the HELL you are meant to see the difference in resolutions of a game, when the source images are not 1280 by 720!? All are downsized to a lower resolution - making BOTH blurrier. How stupid is that? The iamges after this link, have an original size of 790 by 444. WTF

If you want to see the difference you need to see the DIRECT FEED images at 1280 by 720.

Haven't seen anything so stupid for quite a while.

jessehaysfl5211d ago

I own the PS3 version and I have to say I do not see the level of sharpness that is in the 360 version, The PS3 version does look a little worse in stills.

However in motion I don't notice at all, the only thing I DO notice is the lack of burning embers when you burn a wall or whatever.

This game is awesome, you shouldn't care if one looks a little better.
Im happy with my game on the PS3 and I think its a good one to boot.

If your basing your purchase soley on graphics then go with the 360.

I don't own a 360 never have never will, the controller drives me crazy (i know Im too old) but it does look better.

The game is good you guys that are upset should try it anyway, I bet the slighted graphics don't even matter, at least they havent to me anyway.

rockleex5211d ago

I said that in order to make a TRUE multiplat comparison, you MUST NOT mention which system each picture is from.

If there are some MAJOR graphical problems in one version, then you point it out which version has the problems in the NEXT article.

I can guarantee you people won't be finding as much "faults" as they do now. People won't want to talk crap about which pictures belong to which consoles because they'll look like a fool if the next article shows that they were wrong.

The Biased Gamer5210d ago

It looks like vaseline rubbed on my TV screen and eyeballs when I play the PS3 version.It's horrifying... Cause you know, I have a PS3, and I have the PS3 version of Ghostbuster, and you know I can vouch for it.

Megatron085210d ago

its very noticable there are lots of sites comparing screens shots showing this. if you owned both systems there be no reason to get it on the ps3. however must people only own one or the other and will just get it for the system they own

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Chicken Chasser5211d ago

Blown out of proportion by the usual pathetic crowd,you know who I'm talking about.

GMR_PR5211d ago

@ ^^^

"Blown out of proportion by the usual pathetic crowd,you know who I'm talking about..."

about yourself?

rockleex5211d ago

Chicken hit a nerve.

Its okay, you're still cool, GMR_PR. ^_^

-MD-5211d ago

Dude Chicken don't talk bad about the PS3 fanboys their copy is still good...ish.

edgeofblade5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

And downplayed by the other usual crowd.

My god, fanboys are so predictable. There IS a huge difference in the pictures. Stop trying to deny it.

And for the record, I blame the developer first for making a crappy game on a platform that has seen tons of better games. And I MIGHT blame Sony second for being that much more difficult to develop on that it would make a difference... but I really don't have first-hand experience to support that.

mastiffchild5211d ago

I could never understand the moaning when Sony tried to save an IP they owned in PAL territories from totally disappearing for God knows how long. Now I don't get why people are moaning about this either-nobody was even bothered about the game til the first controversy and now a lazy dev with lass than honest PR has stirred the pot again about a game not many here-even those whining in either direction will actually bother playing let alone buying.

Fact is this dev team have let themselves and the PS3 only gamer down very badly indeed-this kind of failure is unnacceptable esp these days when we know what the sysytem can really do(i.e games that look better than any on the other consoles-though admittedly that may be because of the time Sony allow their devs to work on games(MS gave Epic 2 years for Gears2, Sony gave GG 4 for KZ2 even after the success and failure of the previous games in those two series-which is what I mean)).

I might rent it when it arrives for 360 in the EU but I doubt it as by then there'll be lots of more attractive games on the market, games which haven't sold ANYONE short.

Another point is that if they can get away with shortchanging PS3 gamers this time it could be 360 or Wii the next as a dev that cuts corners and fails to "get" tech is always likely to mess up again when they think they can talk their way round it. No buy for me then-I just will not support people who are plainly crap at their jobs.

evildeli5211d ago

I like how this is an article about how the other articles keep talking about this issue. Isn't that like calling the kettle black? And there's no mention of the original source...
At least be thorough.

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Immortal Kaim5211d ago

Can we please just give it a rest now, I'm so over the Ghostbusters talk.

beavis4play5211d ago

this "horse" was dead 10 articles ago.

DasBunker5211d ago

whats more incredible is the fact that all this controversy is about a game like ghostbusters *sigh* fanboys need to find better topics to argue about

RedPawn5211d ago

Well Atari still thinks their designing for the 2600, how do you expect them to program for the PS3.

ThatArtGuy5211d ago

Atari proper died in the 90's.

*Salutes the fallen soldier*