First (official) look at the Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update!

You might have heard some buzz ;) about a little thing called the spring dashboard update for Xbox 360! This video show you how Windows Live integration lets you IM your gamer buddies from games, from your cellphone, or from work (poor you), and gives you an up-close look at the new Xbox 360 keypad.

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sovietsoldier4232d ago

or are all the news on this site getting double posted? or half posted?

kewlkat0074232d ago

Was this posted before, because I never seen a video of the controller?

donscrillinger4232d ago

but where is the pravite chat with more than 1 person this would realy be great

God of Gaming4232d ago

I am loving the new features... I just with the new keyboard was out at the same time, it looks slick!

gooner4232d ago

will the buttons be big enough?
how heavy is it?
will i have handling probs?