Playboy F**ks With the Nerds Using Olivia Munn

Jesmes15 of PixelatedGeek says "Passing multiple photos of boobage and putang he finally came upon a photo of her in nothing but her bottoms and her hair covering her breasts. Expecting more, he urnessly turned the page expecrting more, but in fact that was onlty one photo of her in the entire magazine. Thanks Playboy for messing with tons of fanboy's emotions and money."

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iseven3595d ago

hahaha. You're avatar says it all.

phosphor1123595d ago

She's such a tease though. All that happens to me is rage when I see them.

"Tits or gtfo"


Megatron083595d ago

after making a huge deal about her being on the cover on the show thats just sad

Tony P3595d ago

"You're avatar says it all."


donator3595d ago

She looks good in some of the photoshopped pictures.

Syronicus3595d ago

Kevin refused to let his girl go full monty for PB... Any truth to that? lol

Baliw3595d ago

Looks like shes is all about smoke; where's the fire supposed to be?

Tempist3595d ago

In the end, I think speaks more about the nerds than it does Playboy since Playboy has a long history of being a gentleman's magazine not a tits out one like Penthouse.

But in the end, this is what you sad, sad half of the nerd/gaming community get.

Real boobs > pictures of boobs. Something many of you do not get a chance at.

phosphor1123594d ago

That wasn't a generalized claim you just made... /s

joemayo763594d ago

at work showed me this the other day, all i gotta say is


Jeff Goldblum3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

"hahaha. You're avatar says it all."

>"You're avatar says it all."

You are avatar says it all.


cjflora3594d ago

When did any of you get the impression that she was going to be naked in the magazine? They've done this with many people, and I personally didn't expect any pictures in the magazine. I was under impression that she was JUST shooting for the cover. It is not uncommon for Playboy to feature someone on the cover, and not have them nude in the magazine. Did anyone hear her say she had a nude spread in the magazine? Also, for those who are MAD that she wasn't naked....c'mon, really? Get a life...

uie4rhig3594d ago

i have no idea why so far 3 people disagreed with you lol.. what you said is the cold hard truth! HA! EPIC FAIL to those that disagreed! i bet im gonna get disagrees as well for saying this lol..

if you disagree, please care to explain why.. if you not you're a coward LOL!

Raul_73594d ago

Who's Olivia Munn and how is she related to gaming ?

madpuppy3594d ago

she sucks on "the show" and who cares what she looks like nude. this is like when all the pathetic losers used to drool over Gillian Anderson. the hag from x-files.

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Raz3595d ago

And a tip of my hat.

If anyone actually bought a Playboy just to see this one woman - they deserved to get Rick rolled. I can hear the music now...

<never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...>

themyk3595d ago

what the fuk are you talking about. if she was fully nude i would have bought that badboy in a heartbeat. isn't that the point of buying a playboy to see the girl you want to see. i don't get what your saying.

Anon19743595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Is she some US celeb or something?

Edit: Wait, I looked it up. So G4's some US television channel, and shes on it. Whaddya know. Never seen it.

Boody-Bandit3594d ago

Attack of the Show on G4TV is garbage.
It's for pimply faced pubescence.

SaiyanFury3594d ago

I know who she is, but she's really nothing more than some teenage fanboy's wet dream. She's nothing special and co-hosts some meagre show on G4TV, another meagre network that used to be good.

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solidxz3595d ago

Sneaky...she's hot, though. So all is forgiven.

Vegas3595d ago

B*tches love my haircut.

GameGambits3595d ago

Vegas was that a joke against Sunna above you? If so LMFAO, because that pic he's using(if it's him), looks like the BIGGEST tool/wannabe I've ever seen. God DAAAAM get some personality you creepy lookin dude.

Really though Olivia needs to fork over the goods already. She could prolly have almost any dude on Earth, so why not just let all of us not worthy see the bazongas and then she can go be with Jo Shmo with the fat wallet.

DR0Z03595d ago

Olivia Munn is an obnoxious cunt. She's beautiful, but unbearably annoying.