Final Wii Internet Channel Released

Nintendo have just released the final Wii Browser. Head to the Wii Shopping Channel to update your Trial or get it fresh. Visit Vooks for a Video and Screenshots as well.

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bszelda4263d ago

I'm using the final internet channel version to type this! Woohoo! :D

ItsDubC4263d ago

I used it a little bit before going to work this morning and I will admit that it's very easy to use. I knew that the initial version of the browser was going to be superceded by this version and never downloaded it, so I don't know exactly what changes and improvements were made. Maybe someone who used both could expand on the major usability enhancements from a personal standpoint?

ITR4262d ago

Auto zoom and Auto un-zoom (one of the best features)
Auto-hide tool bar
Faster startup time.
Pages seem to load abit faster.
Button 2 allows for only column reading of text.
You can zoom text as big as your hand now.
Built in search
Favorites now work and will use screen captures of your fav. sites as your icons.
Scrolling up and down with the B button is whole lot easier now with the direction arrow.
Instead of just underlining the hotlink, it now makes a box around the hotlink areas.

After sys update 2.2u
I've noticed most all channels now seem to popup and load content faster.

Sys update for storage is probably only few months away.

GameJunkieJim4262d ago

Will all my bookmarked pr0n be safe?

ItsDubC4262d ago

Just be sure to recheck ur parental controls =)

ChickeyCantor4262d ago

that isn't implanted yet