Microsoft Sees 2007 China Sales Up More Than 20%

Microsoft said on Tuesday it expects its China sales to rise more than 20% this year, boosted by new products and a national crackdown on software piracy. Responding to complaints by Western governments and companies, as well as criticism from a growing number of domestic firms, China has been clamping down on piracy over the last two years to the benefit of software makers such as Microsoft.

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gooner4262d ago

is 360 released in china?

ben hates you4262d ago

be the first next gen gaming system in china they don't have ps3 yet i don't know about wii

highps34259d ago

Sorry but its true. Microsoft has lost in Japan what they should do is pay attention to the US market which right about now they are screwing so hard with the Elite, LIVE, etc...

Funny but seems like they care more about Japan then the US..