Mygamer: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars Preview

Mygamer writes: "The game has its own visual style, with a less artsy approach than Street Fighter 4, but a unique 2.5D look that keeps it in tune with a typical 2D fighting game, and gets accompanied by fluid animation. The past Marvel vs. Capcom games are renowned for their ridiculous, over-the-top supers and quirky presentation, both of which make a return in TvC. The game manages to provide fast paced action, while maintaining the stylized combat that doesn't just become a blur of lights and sounds. Great care has also been taken to faithfully translate the twenty-plus characters into an all-new game, with some mixed-and-matched movesets and other fine details like bringing in the characters' classic voice actors".

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Scrooge McDuck3595d ago

this really needs to come to PSN

Omegabalmung3595d ago

when I was watching the E3 vid, did I just see KARAS