Death Race 2009: Forza 3 vs Need For Speed Shift

To provide you with further insight into when and where your gaming dollars are going, GamesRadar is headed back to VS Thunderdome with two of the most prolific racing games this fall: Forza Motorsport 3 and Need for Speed: SHIFT.

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PSP25507d ago

i prefer need for speed it lioks better

Cthulhu5507d ago

In Forza 3 you can't paint cars.... you can CREATE super complex designs.

Forza 3 is destined to be the best racing game of all time.

Greywulf5507d ago (Edited 5507d ago )

Not with 8 cars on screen.
No Weather
No Dynamic Day/Night changes.
No pit animations
Not 1080p
400 cars

And we all know Simulation fans always wanted:

GRID's replay feature.
Replay Editor.
Rolling cars???

If thats what you think is the greatest racer, I feel sorry for your low expectations. Forza3 is a cosmetic upgrade from 2. They seem to be going after the arcade community, especially with the zig zag magic physics videos out there. It would have been nice to see turn10 actually get more than 8 cars on a track. I'd love for you to explain what makes forza3 "best racing game of all time."

How are you judging a racing game? # of Cars? Car Models? # of Tracks? Damage? Painting a vehicle? # of cars on a track (making a more realistic simulation of actual racing). GRID's replay features?

Forza3 is going to be a wonderful game. But lets stop the "BEST EVER" nonsense. Its features just cant back up the bark.

jromao5507d ago

This is more like it, finally games of second same type level/quality being compared. GT5 always the king simulator.

Boody-Bandit5507d ago (Edited 5507d ago )

because I'm getting them all.
Dirt 2
NFS Shift
Forza 3
Split Second
And hopefully down the road GRID 2
(Crossing fingers there will be a sequel from CodeMasters)

Hopefully my wheel and c0ckpit will be here before the first one hits the shelf. I am waiting on the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo that works with the 360, PS3 and PC.

soxfan20055507d ago (Edited 5507d ago )


They are comparing them only because they will release within a month of each other, and they are both in the racing genre. GT5 is not included because it's not finished yet and has no release date, not because GT5 is somehow in a different league as some think.

DasBunker5507d ago

IMO it all comes down to the driving experience, tracks and cars.. i couldnt care less about designing cars.. if i wanted to do that id play modnation racers.

Elvfam5115507d ago

"GT5 is not included because it's not finished yet" that's why they said they can release it now right lol

soxfan20055507d ago (Edited 5507d ago )

Regardless of what they say, they haven't released it yet, and there's not even a playable demo. That's why it can't be included in this comparison.

ptotoy5507d ago

LMAO, what is game on psOne? haha, even mario kart on the wii had 12 max..

this instant replay feature looks innovative. that's the best idea ever for a racing game and it should add some freshness into the racing genre. i am surprised that no other developer, codemaster for example, had thought of this before.

with this feature, forza 3 is sure to get a 100,000,000 rating for innovation.

SaberEdge5507d ago

This attitude that more is always better is so juvenile. More is not always better. Games like Gears of War 2 and Uncharted 2 don't have as many players in their multiplayer modes as some other shooters, but that doesn't stop them from being more fun than some other shooters. Sometimes more players only hurts a game. It is all about what is right for a game.

phosphor1125507d ago

"this instant replay feature looks innovative. that's the best idea ever for a racing game and it should add some freshness into the racing genre. i am surprised that no other developer, codemaster for example, had thought of this before"

LMAO! Sarcasm at its finest bahaha.

Anyway, I disagree with this article. While I'm not necessarily a fan of Forza, the blatant over-use of motion blur in NFS:Shift is sickening. Not only literally, but it's used to cover up some bad cosmetics.

Claiming Forza 3 to be the "definitive" racer is just...well...bad to be honest.

If I recall, GT1 had more cars than Forza 3, same amount of cars on screen and TAUGHT you racing lines..not showed them for you.

Granted it will be a solid game, but "best"? Nope.

news4noobs5507d ago

says the guy who still believes pes is better than fifa, LOL!

Sony GT is so outdated and boring, it can compare with Toy Cars at best.

Syronicus5507d ago

In the past, there have been few decent NFS titles. Heck, my last favorite was Most Wanted and that was just an OK game so I would have to say that from the looks of it, NFS and Forza 3 may look comparable but I have had more fun int he past with Forza so it wins for me hands down.

GT5 is in a league of its own since it is a huge experience that won't be done and over with in just a few short months. Some may claim that Forza 3 will be the definitive Sim Racer and that might be true... Until GT5 is released. Then those who want to play more racing will buy that for their next fix.

Can't more than one racing game be enjoyed by people without having this silly fanboy rant fall on every racer article?

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PSP25507d ago

also i dont know if forza has this feature but in needforspeed you can paint your cars and make graphics on them like gran turismo 4 but in needforspeed you can also put scisor doors and other things on your car

The Xbox Empire5507d ago

You have alot of double-triple accounts in here.

Why dis5507d ago (Edited 5507d ago )

This comment was edited by a moderator due to false information.

TheColbertinator5507d ago

I'm impressed Why Dis.Few on this site even realized that he was responsible for that day.He also broke the bubble count back in August.

PS360PCROCKS5507d ago

I was here. I remember it all

Why dis5506d ago

You can edit my posts all you wan't Nasim had control of this site.

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Sonyslave35507d ago

lol of course psp2 going to say need for speed because he don't own a xbox 360 any way forza 3 hands down it won best racing game at E3 from ign,G4tv,gametrailers,gamespot ,etc.

PSP25507d ago

ok so cthulhu says you cant paint cars in forza wtf is it because of the disc size or is there another reason

Sonyslave35507d ago

What he is saying is that need for speed you just throw paint on a cars but on forza 3 you can CREATE super complex designs.

you should go look at E3 trailers for FM3 the one where they talking about you can CREATE super complex designs cars.