Ripping off the gamer!

Game Business Daily writes: I am not sure which is worse : Activision ripping off their customers with the latest downloadable content for "COD: World at War" or the fact that nobody in the gaming press mentioned it at all!

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Forrest Gump3592d ago

Thought this was about Left 4 Dead 2

*reads on*

lociefer3592d ago

and i thought it was about microsoft

vhero3592d ago

amazing though activision complain ps3 is priced too much then charge silly prices for content POT/KETTLE/BLACK

robotnik3592d ago

Thanks god I've never bought an Activision game...

Benjamin Bubba Blue3592d ago

I thought this was about Shrimp god dam it

IdleLeeSiuLung3592d ago

A bunch of people reported that this is incorrect, you don't have to buy the second map pack to play the first...

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mrv3213592d ago

How about Activision complaining at the cost of consoles despite releasing Games for £100+

How about suing double fine for Activision letting go one of their games

How about charging tons for DLC

How about not supporting games

How about buying out companies so their games don't come into any competition....

Atleast some sites picked up on it, too bad no one payed much attention.

Eiffel3592d ago

I remember when EA was close to compared to all of that, I'm glad they changed for the better. I respect EA again. Dead Space was the nuke that cleaned all my doubt from this earth.

Acitivsion however may be taking the same path EA once had.

STK0263592d ago

notice that since EA made the right decision to actually care about gamers and less about their money, their profits went down. On the other hand, since Activision started to rely heavily on a few select franchises (guitar hero/CoD/WoW for the most part), theirs went up. I guess people like to complain about "milking", but like the "milked" franchise even more.

DasBunker3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

i only have a problem when its content that could of been on the disc.. other than that whats wrong with giving more content for a game?? i mean were you expecting it to be free? devs have to eat too!

there are some devs/companies pretty cynical that announce DLC before the game is even done (AKA Activision,ubisoft,EA etc) thats what pisses me off.. thats why most of their games i get them second hand if i actually get them..

Baka-akaB3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

They always were fine when it was free mind you ...

Enough with that BS already , i think some people are far too naive . 70% of the time , be it on disc or actually downloadable , DLCs arent something extra they created , it's a natural part of the game they developed but decided to cut down from the original game , or hide on the disc , to sell as extra .

Do you truly believe that it took them extras ressources , and mobilisation of worn out starved troops to create some new map after years of working on the game ?

No it's already done and planned in most case ... and some like activision dont even bother hiding they planned dlc before hands anymore .

Hell the like of activision and ubisoft are even proud of it , and comes to us with a smile while saying "hey dont worry we have many dlcs in the works for MW2 , assassin creed 2 etc etc" , as if it was some favor and gift for us ...

DLCs can indeed sometimes be heavy work and a huge addition , like in Fallout 3 ... but enough with using those exemples we can count on our hands , to excuse drinking the koolaid , and believing it cost those big corporation money to put out crappy map and costumes ...

Leggetron3592d ago

The point is that in many cases, Activision is forcing players who wish to buy the second pack to pay for the same content (the first pack) twice.

DasBunker3592d ago

i posted before reading the article and knowing whats all this about... shhhh activision is really turning out to be like EA.. i guees thats what happens when companies achieve certain status, they know a large part of the misinformed consumer will buy into it..

Baka-akaB3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Of course they'd want consoles price cut ... they want to sell bundles of games+accessories at the price of a console .

And btw the cod4 dlcs were already scams , but everyone was so in love with the game no one seemed to care ...

PS : Activision is turning out as EA ? They always were the same , to the point they have been stealing each others studios and copying each others concept for years (call of duty vs medal of honor ? The back and forth between id and valve between activision (and sierra) and EA ? Rock band vs guitar hero ? Skate in response to Tony hawk ?the brutal legend affair ? ) .
hell if activision could , it would be backing up already some football and us football games as new franchises , and who know they might in the future .

The only difference is , this past year EA was more subtle and gentle , and it bite them hard in the arse . So i wont hold my breath and bet they'll return to their usual scamming attitude very shortly .

UltimateIdiot9113592d ago

Yeah, I was blinded by mindless fun on CoD4 that I bought the DLC. I stopped playing CoD4 shortly and realized my mistake. Now, I'll never do that again and fight those damn temptation.

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