Nintendo sells 6.5 Million Wii's?

In a recent interview, Nintendo has revealed that the company has sold over 2.5 Million Wii's (an estimate) in North America, while selling 2 Million in Europe alone. Taking these figures and adding in the near 2 Million Wii's sold in Japan and sales in other regions, it is likely that Nintendo may have actually sold 6.5 Million Wii's by the end of March.

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Odiah4260d ago

360 needs a better ad campaign because at this rate they'll get overtaken by the end of 07.

eepiccolo4260d ago

Looks like a little bit of vindication for VGChartz.

ITR4260d ago

Which means the 9+ mil mark is probably also actuate for the 360.

BoneMagnus4260d ago

All I hear from gamers is that that the Wii games, other than Zelda, suck, and their Wiis are collecting dust. It was fun for a few get togethers, but the novelty wears off quick. Critically, they have done poorly also - as developers are haphazardly making games just to put on store shelves.

But the general public may not have such discriminating taste.

I'm still not convinced the Wii is not a fad/novelty that will not have staying power, especially when we see price drops on the 360 and PS3.

ITR4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

If the PS3 goes to a price drop then that means it's seriously getting hurt by the Wii and 360 sales.
Which makes me not want to buy a gaming sys that may go the way of the 3DO and Jag.

They already dropped the price on the PSP.
Which basically means defeat in the portables arena.

The 360 will probably drop price as soon as the Wii hits the 8-9mil mark sold.
Which will probably happen in Aug-Sept.

ChickeyCantor4260d ago

not only that, even reviewers have totally different opinion, the one says positive stuff about games and gives other ratings while the other one is being negative.
its all mixed up, plus the fact casual people are loving it and the demands are still high.
Allot of gamers think there are more gamers then non-gamers......XD

i dont believe wii is a fad

BoneMagnus4260d ago

Although everyone else seems to be buying it without trying it first, some hands-on time may sell me on the system - it worked on me for the DS Lite.

bombzombie4259d ago

Publishers and Devs are scrambling to pump out titles, and there is no indication that sales will slow down. If anything, I think Wii could race right past 360 (PS3 will never catch up!! Sorry fanbois, and I own the PS3 in addition to the Wii and 360) in the next 3 to 4 months.

Whether you hate or like the Wii, it is outselling any console ever made. Period. You can complain about supply, but its rate of sale is leaving the other console in the dust and doing so in unprecedented fashion. Don't think for a minute that I am a fanboi. You can deny the facts, but they won't change.

And the fact is that Wii, at present course and speed, will likely win the overall sales rate. Also keep this in mind, Wii is already making money on every single unit, and it's getting cheaper all the time!! Unlike Sony or M$, they can afford to match any price-cut that either of those guys throws out (which I highly doubt they will). I suspect that what Sony and MS are hoping is that the supply shortages will permit folks to save up money to buy their consoles instead.

And one final fact, this next Christmas season there is no new console coming out. For that matter, there is no new hot or must-have item. The closest thing may be Halo3 or whatever hot Sony titles are out by then....but the Wii will and has in some ways become a cultural phenom. It is sharing headlines on CNN with American Idol. Just today, they had an article on old-people buying Wiis. Think of the difference in generational wealth effect here....I hate to admit it because Wii gaming is non-optimized but the folks buying right now are the folks who have serious disposable wealth and those with very little disposable income. What this means is that the demand effect is being hit from both sides of the age-divide, plus there are your typical middle-age men like myself who have one to Tiger Woods, Blazing Angels and entertain guests and the girlfriend that are to some extent also adding to this demand.

The demand curve for the Wii is tremendous. It isn't going anywhere and for the Fanbois on here, and you know who you are, hating on facts is just silly. You can't change it. And you certainly can't affect the average Wii consumer non-gamer with your rabid talk on here.... .

To borrow a famous phrase that once put Ann Richards into the Texas governors house...."it's like the rain." You might as well buy an umbrella or get wet and don't worry about it.

ItsDubC4259d ago

Thus far, this has been the most intelligent discussion I've ever read on n4g.

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