Did Terminal Reality mislead the public for Sony's dough?

Awhile back while speaking with videogaming247, Terminal Reality president Mark Randel had a bit of interesting information to say in regards to their multi-sku release for Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

"We're running the same game for both platforms but if we made a PS3-only game, for example, you could double the amount of objects on screen that you're seeing,".....

So that begs the question; If the PS3 is such a powerful console and could do all those things as a stand alone game; Why is the PS3 version of Ghostbusters so lacking?


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Forrest Gump3596d ago

Making a big deal out of nothing,methinks.

Greywulf3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

And then the game shipped. And no one was talking about its graphics, only excuses about "well the first one was already good!"

The only people the ghostbusters issue resides with are the people that think that multiplatform games show off hardware power, since they have no exclusives to do it. Which shocks me to this day when i can say something like:

"Uncharted2 is the best looking console game ever created to this date, and there is no 360 game that can touch it" Without anyone refuting it, yet people wanna argue forever about GHOSTBUSTERS? please.

They mangled the PS3 version, well as far as the microscopic head to head splitscreen level.

In all fairness they probably could have done a PS3 only version that wasn't hindered by having to abandon SPU optimization for the 360's older PC structure. So far optimizing for SPU creates games that literally can't run on the 360. MGS4, Killzone2, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, Infamous, Uncharted, and Heavenly Sword is all proof of that. And thats not a speculative probably, but according to PS3's exclusive performance. Its generally factual.

StanLee3595d ago

Fanboy down! This is nothing like that! Developers have long made promises they've failed to deliver on, this isn't new. What's troubling in this case is, the developer claimed that the PS3 would be their lead platform and that they were comfortable and looking forward to the game's development. The end product shows a poorer quality than the game's port if in fact the PS3 was the lead platform. How the hell is that possible?! How can the game be half the resolution and compensation made to texture resolution when the PS3 was the lead platform?

prunchess3595d ago

Two words could explain that - Sh!t Engine

StanLee3595d ago

Even if this was the case, if the PS3 version is mediocre wouldn't the port be equally or more mediocre? The PS3 was the lead platform, or so they claimed.

Mr Marbles3595d ago

i think it's pretty obvious Sony paid these guys off, they pay off any developer that will take the cash and or support. When ever you hear developers saying stupid crap like, "this can only be done on PS3", or "Ps3 allows us to do far more than 360" it's B.S. that they were paid to say by the corupt Sony marketing department.

Killzone and Uncharted would have probably looked 3 times better if they were running on 360, assuming they had the same huge budget, and huge number of devs working on them at once with the Sony support.

Christopher3595d ago

Always love the people who call the PS3 a sh*t engine. I guess IBM and their 102 GFLOPS Cell processors are crap as well.

StanLee3595d ago

I think you've lost all your marbles. Please SHUT.THE.F*@K.UP!

Greywulf3595d ago

Which is evident. If they knew what they were doing, they would have had Infinity Ward/Criterion/Rockstar/Dice type of results. Sony 1st party isn't the only people making decent code. How is this not clear?

Its not even a question of the PS3's hardware, because again (laundry list of exclusives, and multiplatform games running normally) prove it other wise. Which is why there is no confusion to anyone with sense.

And again, lead platform means absolutely nothing since you have to retard spu development for the 360's architecture. You literally aren't going to optimize spu engines, that will run on the 360's setup. Not sure why this is so hard to believe with the proof of PS3 engines out there, that run visual & technical circles around every single 360 game minus multiplatform code thats optimized to run on both equally.

"But they SAID this, and it turned out THAT way?" -- They aren't infallible. They are people, much like the liars at Turn10 pretending their game has the best graphics, and "most cars" its a blatant lie, but you take it with a grain of salt. Or much like Sony saying people will need 2 jobs to own a ps3. It happens. They got busted for it. But stop pretending that it even brings up a discussion of the PS3's capabilities, which is what it always turns into.

360 owners haven't a single exclusive title that can compete with the PS3. The only thing from that part of town is a laundry list of excuses, which boil down to: Time, Budget. Halo3 runs in subHD. TooHuman took longer than kz2 to develop, as has Alan Wake. All underwhelming in the face of Uncharted1 & 2 or infamous if you want to use the "buh buh sandbox" excuse. MGS4 runs circles around splinter cell, and is from a third party.

If you wanna say the ghostbusters dev team lied? I'll agree. but im not going to pretend that it says anything about the PS3's hardware. since no single reviewer has mentioned the PS3 version is unplayable. Its bad code. Simple as that.

Megatron083595d ago

well its nice to see a company that is not watering down their games to fit the limition of the ps3

shiner3595d ago

LOL settle down,get a hit off your inhaler and take a deep breath. I'm pretty sure he was referring to the actual game engine, not your precious PS3. Jeezus you fanboys crack me up.

Christopher3595d ago

Without your calming words I don't know what I would have done. Perhaps popped more than a few blood vessels, gone into cardiac arrest, gone out gotten an arsenal of weapons and shot up my whole neighborhood, perhaps even sunk so low due to overwhelming rage as to drop a box full of kittens off a cliff. Luckily you were there to calm my rage.

onanie3595d ago

As mentioned, it could have been a lie, or at least a partial truth.

"Lead platform" traditionally meant where the game development began. It is natural to infer that capabilities of the "lead platform" will be maximised, before compromises are made for the other platforms.

Ultimately, the ability to maximise a console's capabilities is dependent on the developer's skill. Who is to say that Terminal Reality had that capability at all in the first place? The calibre of games like Uncharted 2 immediately puts them in their place.

This isn't such a big controversy. I can't help but feel that the backlash from the media is somewhat a retaliation to a developer that dared to make a game Sony exclusive, just as they did with Haze's developer.

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demonicmember3596d ago

When you make comments like it can do soooo much more; and then deliever a whole lot less....then there is something that needs to be addressed

Forrest Gump3596d ago

Don't worry,your article will still get approved.

We don't care about Ghostbusters to the point of questioning whether or not they deliberately issued misleading statements,it's the kids that want to make this a big issue when it's not.

MicroSony4Life3595d ago

and developers should not make promises they cant keep, remember when Peter Molenox or what ever his name is made promises and didn't keep them, I remember reading 100's of articles about that.

@Gump just because it's not good for the PS3 it doe's not mean it should be ignored. If we ignore it and pretend that nothing is wrong then the developer will continue to do the same thing, call them out and make them know that you don't appropriate what they did. The same with Valve fans are mad because they thin k that they are paying full price for DLC, so valve commented by saying that it's more than DLC wait and see. With that said fans spoke Valve listened and they have to deliver.

PSP23596d ago

i dont care about ghostbusters the game whats so special about it remind me plz

PirateThom3596d ago

It's Ghostbusters and has the original cast of Ghostbusters.

StanLee3595d ago

And the game is pretty good if you're a fan of Ghostbusters. Just running around the station house is a trip. Seriously, it never gets old for me.

demonicmember3596d ago

We just love the ghostbusters, one of my favorite movies from the 80's right along side the wall-e inspiration Short Circuit (Johnny 5) and the fact that you got an orig script with most of the orig cast. It just deserves better IMO ;p

Christopher3595d ago

I do agree it deserved better. But, this just didn't happen and it's the fault of the developers.

Regardless of what they said, what happened, what didn't happen, or whatever, it all comes down to the developers just not putting enough time, effort, or money into it to make it what it could have been.

PSP23596d ago

but i dont care about dan awkroyd or whoever he is so whyyy should i spend 60 on ghostbusters

mrblacknut3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Why do you or anyone care to even comment on this if you DON"T CARE?
Obviously you have enough time to actually make a post about not caring about spending 60 bucks on this game.

Rusted3595d ago

Then don't buy the fu**ing game you moron, geez.

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