The Art of Heavenly Sword

The Senior Concept Artist Talexi of Ninja Theory has released some of his artwork for the upcoming Playstation3 title, Heavenly Sword.

Also attached is a modelling of Roach, the King's son.

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techie4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Hi. New stuff to say. Army count now at 2400...could get higher.

All army members have own AI and can get blown up or come and attack you.

The AI for the army is done on one SPU. It uses no main RAM, but only the Ram on board the SPU...that's right...

"Bloody impressive you can have it running on one single SPU with all the data available. You are able to parse through the horde of soldiers over and over again without touching the main RAM. Now that is how to make the Cell sing."

They will feel like an army and not a rabble and different sections will be following orders - It should move and attack like its a bunch of separate units coordinated by commanders etc. Not just have 1000 people standing around waiting to pick on a girl


The lighting in the recent pics was a design choice...all the HDR and DOF is still there...just artists changed it for that area.

hehe someone agrees with me. I agree with me too! lol

techie4266d ago

Please use this information to your advantage if anyone says anything about "ram issues". Each spu has ON BOARD RAM. PLUS main ram. Also go read the Insomniac interview...he says quite a bit about the advantage of split memory.

StateofMind4266d ago

"Bloody impressive" indeed. I don't care what the naysayers believe, the PS3 has a very bright future.

n4g sucks4267d ago

i wonder if this will be the same thing game pro offers tommorow...keeping my fingers crossed

fenderputty4267d ago

Is a good one of Andy. The info about the ram is interesting also. It's nice to see what some effort can do on the PS3.

Keyser4266d ago

That artwork is excellent. Good find deepbrown.

Kratos124266d ago

Nariko :X

When will this game come out :(:(:(

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The story is too old to be commented.