Sega Confirms New Unified Western Front

After Sega of America president Simon Jeffery announced his sudden departure for iPhone developer ngmoco, word began to spread that Sega Europe boss Mike Hayes would take up Jeffery's role. Sega of America officials today finally confirmed to IndustryGamers that the report is true.

In an effort to "further unite Sega's global markets to drive growth," Sega has promoted Naoya Tsurumi, who will now oversee Sega of Japan, Sega of America and Sega of Europe. Tsurumi has been with Sega going all the way back to 1992, having served in various roles, including overseeing operations, marketing, development and licensing for Sega's consumer game products.

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Pennywise3591d ago

Yakuza3 in NA? Yes plz.

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this sure is good news to hear.