IncGamers: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Review

IncGamers' Chris Schilling gets to grips with Indy's latest outing on the Wii and finds that unreliable motion controls don't make for a fun experience.

From the review:

When we first clapped eyes on Staff of Kings, it was clear it was going to offer a fast-paced, episodic blend of action and adventure, mixing shoot-outs with whip-based combat, Tomb Raider-aping exploration and the occasional waggle-tastic interlude. Perfect for Indy, you might think, and Nintendo's Disaster: Day of Crisis proved such an approach can work - even with sometimes shonky mechanics, you're onto the next thrill-packed section before you have time to really examine the joins. Unfortunately, Staff of Kings is a disaster with a small 'd'.

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Fyzzu3596d ago

Hahahaha. That's a decent review, of a bad game.

Still, you'd think it'd get higher just for including Fate of Atlantis. Maybe not at this price point, but still... if Fate of Atlantis was re-released and had a crappy action game attached free, I reckon it'd score pretty well :)

Leord3596d ago

Not too surprised about that grade...

Dorjan3596d ago

You didn't actually expect better did you? Oh you did? *smack*

AndyA3596d ago

A decent Indy game is long overdue.

Maticus3596d ago

Oh dear, same score as the last film IMO.

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